{Travel} #Take12Trips Travel challenge ~ month two 

#Take12trips is a travel challenge started by a fellow blogger challenging each one of us to take 12 trips in 12 months, that’s 1 trip a month. This travel challenge is not asking you to travel abroad but to travel somewhere outside your home. It can be to your local zoo, museum etc the idea is to get you out there at least one weekend or whatever day out of your home. 

When I shared my month one, December 2015 I shared with you that I had booked two holidays abroad! My spontaneous weekend getaway to Ljubljana, Slovenia and my week-long pre-Christmas trip to Kaunas and Vilnius in Lithuania.

I had so much fun planning both of these trips, the Slovenia trip was really spontaneous as I booked 5 days before the trip to a country I have never been a city I have never heard of and a language I can not even begin to pronounce the basic words. It’s was scary, exhilarating but most of all much fun.

Lithuania is a country I have visited a few times before so I knew what to expect and how to get around. Since MIL lives there makes it even that much more fun visiting as I do not have to worry about accommodation nor transport.

Month Two

Prague weekend getaway

For month two, January 2016 I decided to book a trip to a city I have only seen in pictures, a city which is on my bucketlist to see before I am 30 (next year eek). That city is Prague in Czech Republic, though it was forecasted to be absolutely freezing this did not dampen our excitement. A friend and I decided we needed to make haste and visit this glorious city come what may. I have shared all about my weekend getaway so take a look.


prague castle



When booked a late Friday night flight so we didn’t have to take a day off from work, Flight was delayed by 2 hours so instead of arriving before midnight we arrived just after 2am, I had reserved airport transfer which turned out to be great thinking on my part.

We spent all day exploring Prague city since we only had Saturday. We went to the usual tourist places: Prague castle, Charles bridge, old square town and some not so tourist places.

weekend getaway abroad

I am so happy to be doing this self  travel challenge as it has really opened my eyes to what is available to me, what’s out there and how much I love to travel.