{Fashion Monday} Two blacks & Some Colour

Two blacks and some colour


I have mentioned many a time that I am not the most fashionable person around. I dress simple, I am dress for comfort and I dress for me more than style or the world. When I put outfits together mostly I do them in the dark (don’t really put much thought into it) and 90% of the time the outfit is good ‘enough’.

The two blacks and some colour outfit is something I didn’t even think about until Wednesday last week when I realised that since the weather took a turn for the worst I subconsciously changed my attire to wearing more blacks with pop of colour. Monday and Wednesday saw me wear a black top and black pants (trousers) and what was different was for Monday I added my beige jacket and on Wednesday I added a yellow jacket (both from New Look). Since the weather is still pretty cold I paired these outfits with black knee-high boots with the yellow blazer and ankle boots to go with the beige blazer. I also paired these outfits with a blue bag I purchased from Ratuken and I think it went well together, I figured I had too much black on so maybe a another dark colour would be better as it would still allow the blazers to stand-out.

For the past 12 months I have loved adding some colour to my outfits, it always brightens up my mood when I wear colours that pop like yellow, sky-blue, orange, red even some green. I have also noticed that when I dress in all dark colours I will be in more of a sad mood (foul mood) than a happy mood.

I wish that every time I like an outfit or pinned one on pinterest that it would somehow magically appear in my closet the next day (I know big wish).

What colours are you playing with lately? Any bright colours?

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