{Fashion Monday} Leon Style

A few weeks back I had an opportunity to work with House of Fraser so I was very happy to be asked to work with them again. This time instead of me picking out some awesome outfits they were going for kids clothing. As you know I don’t yet have kids but I have the love of my life my nephew Leon so I accepted this opportunity wholeheartedly and asked my SIL to help me pick out some items for my nephew since she knows more of what he needs now better than anyone.

House of Fraser Levi's kids jeans

There is no standing still with my nephew, he is always on the go 🙂

As you know I love to stretch my money (in this case the given budget £30) to its limit but my SIL isn’t like that she wanted the best she could find in House of Fraser for Leon and she found these amazing Levi’s Jeans which look absolutely adorable on him (her mummy eyes already predicted it would look great on him and it sure does). If I was picking the items from House of Fraser kids section I would have been picking up some cute tees and some shorts or trousers from the Sale section as there are so many cute items there but that is just me.

Seeing how good the Levi’s jeans look on him I thought I put together some outfits that would look totally awesome on him and any kids he’s age. You will have to forgive me but dressing myself is hard enough later on another person so mothers out their let me know if my fashion ideas are not really practical for kids. I know my brother used to give my parents a run for their money when they would dress him up in smart attire and within minutes he would have found mud to sit in and play.

Leon Style
 I have always had the illusion that boys are hard to shop for but for some reason when it comes to my nephew in every country I visit for my 2016 getaways I always end up picking some sort of clothing for him. Lately I have been picking up more toys than clothes but I just realised how much I love shopping for my nephew. As I mentioned above, putting outfits for boys or even girls is not my forte but I have given it my hand at some outfits that I think my nephew Leon would look great in and I am calling them Leon Style.
Many mummy friends that I have always tell me they buy a size or two bigger than their child because kids seem to grow at a speed of lightning and I didn’t think much about until obviously my nephew came along as boy having a dad whose 6 foot something usually means the kids will grow out of their clothes faster. I can not wait to have my own kids and dress them up (obviously parenting is more than that but you know I can dream 🙂 ).
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