{Fashion Monday} How to dress your ripped Jeans

A couple of weeks ago I got me some ripped jeans from New Look which I had been loving for a while now. I am not one for ripped jeans, in fact I only own one pair in blue but I thought as my Fashion sense is improving and evolving that I start to add in some simple staple items like ripped jeans. As excited as I was to pair these ripped jeans I knew I couldn’t wear them to work no matter now cute they are but since I had planned to visit my brother and he’s family this gone weekend it was the perfect opportunity for me to show you how dress to you ripped jeans and give them a try.

1 Black Jean 2 styles

When I am putting outfits together I don’t always think of the weather but I thought it would be wise this time to add in a thick cardigan or light jacket because England can do 4 seasons in one day and I was not going to take any chances to freeze to death on my commute to visit my brother. But I am also someone who doesn’t like to dress heavy or layering as it just totally puts me off wanting to go out.

When I am styling ripped jeans I am always thinking about where I am the attention to be focused on when someone looks at me. Is it the ripped jeans themselves! The feet! The top or outer wear! or the entire outfit? Sometimes it can be hard and other times it’s easy, I don’t particularly have a flat tummy so 90% of the time I am looking to divert the attention away from my mid section and onto my feet or no where in particular. But for the purposes of sharing how to dress your ripped jeans, I have used some crop tops for each of the outfits.

About Town outfit

When I am out and about especially locally I do love nothing more than a nice pair of jeans (ripped or otherwise) paired with a nice & warm cardigan and some heels (or ankle boots if its raining). Because we now have to pair for shopping bags I like to walk around with my back pack so I can just put my shopping in there instead of having to pay for another one and I thought this backpack would do the job.

Official Business

As bloggers we often attend blog meet-ups or conferences and I think it nice to dress smart whenever possible without trying too hard and that’s where a good pair of ripped jeans comes in handy and a nice pair of heels with a lovely cross over bag doesn’t hurt the situation ever. Also since Friday’s at the office is casual Friday this look would be just fine.

As I have mentioned above it is not too hard to dress your ripped jeans, you just need to decided (1) how ripped you want your jeans, (2) where the focus should be when wearing them and (3) your level of comfort. Are you more of the laid back type and would love the about town style or are you’re the dressed up type and would rather go for the official business outfit? which ever your preference, when wearing jeans make sure you following the three tips above.

So what do you think of my how to dress your ripped jeans ideas? How do you dress your ripped jeans?