{Review} Shake it slim with Forza

Shake it slim with Forza is a meal replacement shake. I am not big on diets and never really stick with them because they always restrict me on what I can and can not eat. What I love about Forza is it comes in three delicious flavours and you can use it to either help maintain your current weight (by only replacing 1 meal a day) or help you lose weight (by replacing to meals a day). I am someone who always manages to forget to eat but never forget to drink my shakes so I welcomed the chance to shake it slim with Forza to lose a few  pounds before my trip to Korea at the end of the month.

Shake it with Forza
Disclaimer – I was sent the 7 day Forza shake it slim meal replacement pack in exchange for an honest review. 

Summer is near and most of us have started to put in some effort to attain that summer beach body whereas others have been doing it for a while (kudos to them) now.  But for those of us who have not done squat, this is a perfect opportunity for me us to give the Forza shake it slim pack a try to see if I can lose a couple of pounds without starving myself to death.

I suggest you check with your GP before trying any diet supplements or shakes especially if you have health or underlying conditions.

Shake it with Forza

Froza packages: 3 flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry

I think most people are put off trying shakes because of the negative publicity some of them have. Some shakes are tasteless or taste really nasty so it was a welcome sight taste to try a shake that had my three favourite flavours. When I received the package, I noticed it was what they call the 7 day started kit which contained 14 sachets: 5 Chocolate, 5 strawberry and 4 Vanilla which if you’re using the Forza shake it slim for weight loss then you would use 2 per day (replaces 2 meals) and 1 healthy and balanced meal and if you’re using it to maintain current weight then it would last you 14 days (1 sachet per day). The package also came with a shaker bottle in pink which I love because it is easy to use, carry around and has measurements on the size to help when making your Forza shake or other shakes. With Forza it is recommended you use between 250 – 300ml of water with every sachet of Forza powder, I have mostly be using 300ml but on occasion I have used 250ml.

Forza shakes are high in protein and contains 22 different vitamins and minerals and the best part is it is only 204 calories for my calorie counter friends. I have been trying this shake for over a week now and I replaced 2 meals a day for 5 days and I did lose some weight off my waist which is something I has never happened with other shakes or diets. What I loved about these shakes is that they do not only taste yummy they keep you satisfied until your next meal or shake and in between I did not feel hungry or grave sweets which is a big one for me as most diets leave me wanting to suck on something sweet. I did make sure to have lots of fruits whilst using the shakes.

I definitely recommend it to those looking to lose a few pounds here and there and those looking to maintain their current weight. You can try the starter pack which is currently on sale for £18.99 (RRP £25), after you can try on of their refill kits and chose which flavour shakes you want to try Strawberry and Vanilla are my favourite ones.

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