Holiday outfit: Forever21 bodycon pencil skirts

Forever21 store is one of the most well-known shops around the world, I for one have known about it for the longest time but it took me heading to Korea to actually find something that I like. I have been to a couple of their stores here in the UK but I have only ever bought one thing that I liked and that was skinny jeans which on me don’t look like skinny jeans more like normal pair of jeans. So you can imagine my surprise when I escorted a friend of mine whilst we were in Korea to pick out an outfit and I stumbled upon some lovely looking bodycon pencil skirts. I don’t know why but outside shorts, basic and bodycon pencil skirts are my favourite and what do I mean by basic! It basically means that ‘basic’ no style or pattern or print on then just your standard basic skirt.


bodycon pencil skirts


I picked up one in cream to wear out when I was clubbing and I glowed in the club as in literally you could spot me from yards and yards away but I still loved how it hugged my non-existent hips, my pert derrière shone like a diamond. I fell in love all over again so much that the next day I went back and picked up 2 more in dark blue and light grey.

The beauty about bodycon pencil skirts is that you can never dress them wrong even if you really tried. The skirts I picked up were really soft material and reached my knees but when walking they rose up which was fine by me as they didn’t rise up past dignity. As I have mentioned above you can never dress bodycon pencil skirts wrong, because they are really basic you can either play the top part up or keep it simple. I am one for doing both, dependent on the mood.

For my first outfit choice dressing bodycon pencil skirts, I chose to wear a white/black striped short sleeve bodysuit, paired that with some flats and a throw over cardigan for when the nights got chilly. Accessories wise I kept it simple with a nice watch and studs.

For my second outfit choice, I opted to wear another striped shirt elbow length and paired with some canvas. The weather was perfect so no need for cardigans and I felt I didn’t need accessories.

There so many ways you can dress the bodycon pencil skirts but as always with my outfit tips, do what’s comfortable for you. The ideas I share are those that have either worked for me or I am not shy to attempt.

How would you dress a bodycon pencil skirts?