Lifestyle: Cultural value of jewelry

Everyone who knows me know I love my jewelry and I couldn’t resist the urge to share this House of Fraser infographic showing the cultural value of jewelry in different cultures around the world.

 Did you know that in Thailand “the Padaung women wear (wore) close fitting brass rings around their neck to elongate it?” Well I don’t know about you but looks like a choking hazard to me but that’s tradition for them and I am all for respecting tradition. 

Did you also know that it is believed that the Egyptians inverted the idea of wearing the wedding ring on the left ring finger because the finger has vein connected directly to the heart. 

Not all of us appreciate the cultural value of jewelry because to most of us it’s just jewelry or material things with no significance but reading through this infographic it’s has been an eye opener. 

Did you know any of these ‘cultural value of jewelry’? 

  • I found this fascinating – I dod know about Jade, and the Egyptians belief about the vein to the heart. Great post! Kaz x

    • Thanks Kaz, its an amazing infographic

  • This was such an interesting and informative post – I never knew anything about cultural jewellery x

  • I never knew wedding rings started in Egypt – you learn something new every day.

  • I only know brass rings in Thailand. All these are interesting. I love cultural travel so this kind of stuff interest me. 🙂

    • How lovely, I am glad to have shared

  • I have jewellery that has cultural value too, some sapphires that represent my birth stone. I knew that the Egyptians believed a ring connected to the heart vein but still what a lovely sweet sentiment that has survived the test of time.

    • I know right, i love all these cultural values. Its such a nice lesson

  • Such a fascinating read! Love that some traditions have been appropriated across the world like the wedding ring worn on the left hand from Egypt and ear spacers from Thailand! Loved it!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

    • You’re most welcome and so true my favourite is the Egyptian one

  • I love reading this! This was great and it was nice to read about the history behind jewellery etc 🙂

    Love the graphics too!

    • You and me both, it was an interesting read

  • This was so interesting! I love the idea behind the wedding ring finger 🙂

  • I really love the coloured stones and their meanings. R

  • Such interesting information! I love that my engagement/wedding rings are ruby rings – now I can say they have more significance other than just being my birthstone!

  • I’ve heard about the elongating the neck tradition. There are other cultures who still do it. This was very interesting!! Thank you.

    • For real, I can’t even imagine it but tradition is tradition

  • I love this! It’s soo informational. I had no idea that gifting clocks were a huge no-no in Chinese culture or that the reason for wearing a wedding ring on your left ring finger came from Egypt!

    • I know right, glad I have never done it to my Chinese friends lol

  • I loved this post.It’s an absolutely lovely idea to research the culture and beliefs behind jewellery.

  • Very interesting to see the cultural significance of jewelry elsewhere. Particularly the watch/clock in China.

    • I agree it’s very interesting

  • This was so interesting. I love how there is symbolism behind so many different types of jewelry.

    • I know right it’s amazing

  • Ana

    Wow! I loved reading this piece of information. Being Indian, we have significant charm towards birth stones. My birthstone is sapphire and I love wearing it not only as a birth stone but also as an accessory!

    • I am glad to hear that and thanks for stopping by

  • That was really interesting to read. I love reading anything about historical jewelry. xx