Holiday outfit: one short two outfits

Frequent readers of this blog will know I am currently away in Seoul South Korea for a much-needed break. Though I enjoy at least one weekend abroad, I do not consider that resting because I am out and about exploring the foreign land.

one short two outfits

The weather in Korea is amazing with a few bounty’s of rain here and there but it is still hot enough for me to rock shorts 90% of the time, which is what I have been doing and I thought I share one of my frequent outfits to rock with one pair of shorts.

Korean women (90%) in general love to wear cute outfits and that’s made even more worse cute by the fact that most men here want their women looking ‘cute’ and I am sorry but I think I have passed the ‘cute’ phase and now I want sophistication without trying too much, pretty without being described as cute. After saying all that I still wanted to give the ‘cute’ look a try and I will say it did raise a few eyebrows which was funny to me but being a foreigner here it opens your eyes to so many things and not all pleasant.

When considering shorts as an outfit, you have to think about your comfortability, how short or long you want the shorts to be;  high-waisted or normal waist. I have long legs so for me personally the shorter the shorts the better but I also have a big sizable tummy for my 5’7 frame. I get away with a lot when I wear high-waisted shorts as they hide a lot of the tummy. Many would advice you that if you have short legs then daisy duke shorts are your best friend to make your legs look longer but I believe this only works if you’re on the skinny side than not. For most, wearing shorts which are mid-thigh length is a good way to show off your legs and your structure. For some if the shorts are high-waisted too, it makes it even better but I say go with what fear comfortable and works for you.

For those like me with sizable tummies, think about what kind of tops you want to rock with the outfit. If your mid-section is not too big sizable them wear your high-waisted shorts with a crop top, for me this works because I also have ample chest (E cup). Crop tops on me makes people look at my chest more than my mid section and that is always the idea for me; keep them looking at the chest and away from the mid-section. If you do not however have an ample chest then wear a bodysuit with your high wasted shorts. For those with flat ironed mid-sections, crop tops are your best friend so show off that flat-iron bed.

When thinking about what type of shoes to wear then think no further than snickers or flat sandals, I think if you have a mile long legs like me then snickers are indeed your best buddies but you can also rock sandals as not everyone likes to have their feet cooped up inside the shoes when the weather is begging for some foot shine.

How do you dress your shorts? Do you have a favourite pair of your go to shorts?