{Fashion Monday} Festivals outfit idea

Summer is almost here, here lined with so many festivals and though I am yet to attend a festival I am pretty excited as I mentioned previously on the blog that my sister and I are planning to go to either V, wireless or Reading festival this year. I am so excited that I thought why not put together a festivals outfit idea to go with my new Wellington Boots from Butterfly Twist. You will remember I worked with Butterfly Twist earlier in the year (here and here) and I was impressed by the quality of their shoes so when they reached out for me to pick a pair of wellies to try out I jumped at the opportunity.

It is the season of festivals and what better time than now to start playing around with festivals outfit ideas, though the Wellington boots I picked to try out are ankle boots, for this post I wanted to create a look with the full length boots.

Another thing I wanted was to add some colour to my outfit, black is always my first choice colour when I am creating looks but now I dare to be different today and try another favourite colour of mine.

Festival outfit
I know most of my readers comment about how they have too much black in their closet and not enough colours so therefore most of their outfits start and end with black. You can make a small change to your wardrobe at least one a month by buying a coloured item, I am not saying go crazy with crazy neon green but just a colour you would be comfortable with to wear ALL DAY LONG. If you can’t wear the colour all day then hold off of buy the item.
Items that I thought would be essential for my festivals outfit idea are:
 Kimono – I have not always been a lover of kimonos nor fringe but everyone knows with festivals you have to rock some fringe in some respect and for me I figured because I can easily take the kimono off why not get one which had fringe on it.
Straw hat – usually straw hearts are for summer but when it’s raining or you’re having a bad hair day they come in really handy. For festivals they are a definite must have item. Another reason I love straw hearts is that they make whom ever wears them with shades exude a look of sophistication.
Ripped Skinny jeans – though jeans are not my #1 choice of attire when thinking about festivals I thought why not try something new in my pursuit of creating my perfect festivals outfit. I wear skinny jeans a lot and lately I have been loving ripped skinny jeans, they are easy to dress weather in winter or summer whatever the season they work.
Backpack – ever since I start my solo travels backpacks have become my best friends and I always ensure to take one when I am away so it makes sense for me to have a backpack to carry my items. It won’t be in my way because it will be latched onto my back and I can move freely.
So there you have it, my festivals outfit idea, I know with festivals especially in England they can be really muddy and you might get your best Wellington and black items dirty but I can that evidence you had great fun.
Have you ever been to a festival?
What did you wear? If not what would you wear?
*Collaborative post*