{Travel} #Take12Trips Travel Challenge ~ Month Seven

I know I just recently shared month six of the #take12trips travel challenge a mere two weeks ago but it’s time again to share month seven of my #take12trips travel challenge which I started December 2015 in hopes of documenting my travels near and far. Though I have not yet shared my weekend getaway to Hamburg, I did share my weekend getaway outfit(s) that I donned whilst I was in Hamburg.

Month seven started like most of my weekend getaways, the difference being (1) I had known about it for a while that I would be going and (2) this would be with the youth from my Church and not my spontaneous solo travel kind of weekend getaway but nonetheless I intended to make the most of this getaway and I am so glad that I went.

As mentioned above, I had known I would be going to Hamburg with the youth from my church and since we wanted to go on Friday to make a longer weekend I booked my time off well in advance. I did what I do with my solo weekend getaway trips, I booked the afternoon off (so half day) and worked the morning before heading off to the airport to meet the gang.

I will be honest, though this was a church gathering, I am a bit nervous as none of the people I was traveling with from London Heathrow did I know well enough to conversant with except for the Youth leader who has known me since we moved to the UK over 15 years ago now. I don’t really know why I was nervous because I ended up talking for England you couldn’t shut me up if you tried. The flight was only 1.5 hours, seating with two guys one Zambian (as fate would have it as I am British Zambian) and one South African guy and we chatted the entire flight and I felt I had made two friends.

Arriving in Hamburg, we took a train from the airport to Hauptbahnhof Sud (South central station) which faces the Generator Hostel where we spent the weekend. This was my first time staying in a hostel and I can honestly say I was truly impressed it is certainly worth the money. The rooms were clean, we have 3 bunk beds sleeping 6 people with private toilet and bathroom which I should totally complain about because they were so tiny you had to walk side ways if you were not slimmer than 12 stone but at least it was clean.

Friday we spent the remainder of the day after arriving acquainting ourselves with our roommates also church members but from other congregations, I was allocated to the Irish group and I am so thankful because we became instant friends and did everything together. Throughout the weekend we made some unforgettable memories so much that we are all meeting up in Dublin to cement our friendships before we go our separate ways but I hope it was be the end for us 4.

I will share a separate post on what we got up to whilst in Hamburg, the pictures above should be an indication of how much fun we had, the views we saw and the weather we experienced which was 100% summer.

That’s it for my month seven of the #take12trips travel challenge, anyone can take part in this challenge you do not have to wait until January to start (as mentioned above I started in December last year), you can start anytime and the travel doesn’t have to be abroad. I just made it a person decision to document my travels abroad.

Have you ever been to Hamburg or Germany?