{Fashion Monday} Hamburg weekend outfit

I was in Hamburg last weekend and had the best time ever. It was nice to be in a company of friends new and old. The best part was the weather in Hamburg was nothing like our British weather so it was a huge plus and a mood booster for those of us who are deprived of the good warm summer weather.

Before leaving for Hamburg last Friday I made sure to check the weather and see if I would be packing for British weather or for more warmer weather and I was delighted to see that Hamburg would be heating it up in the mid 20’s. With that mind I knew the staple items to pack would be pencil skirts ( see this post here), shorts and lose tops. Obviously with the sunny weather it calls for us to pull out our best sunnies so I was eager to show off my new sunnies from The Glasses shop who were kind enough to send me a pair. As I have always mentioned on this blog, when I am putting outfits together I don’t usually go with the weather as I am a summer baby and prefer to put together summer outfits than any other season. If I had a choice I would live in my shorts and skirts. I love dresses like the next person but because of my body type, I prefer to show off my long legs and hiding my mid sections and wearing short skirts and shorts helps me achieve that.

Tip 1: if you have long legs but not a favourable mid section (like me) then wear a loose top with the shorted shorts in town. The top should reach the ends of your shorts.


Hamburg Weekend Outfit

Tip 2: Wear a bodysuit if your mid section is smooth (no layers) with shorts to give the desired block look.

Day 1: I wore black short shorts with a lose top and added some shades from The Glasses Shop. For shoes I wore sandals I saw HERE the switched to flip flops for comfort as it was too hot to stay in sandals.
Day 2: In Hamburg I opted to wear a mini skirt with a plain top and some cute flats. This was a simple and comfortable look, it catered for my needs and matched with the weather without being too overly dressed.

I feel with warm weather it is best to use minimal accessories as possible so for both looks I either added studs and a watch or just studs as I love wearing some sort of earrings.

I have a couple more outfits I donned whilst in Hamburg (including the green and blue above), the hot weather called for more outfit changes than I anticipated so much that I had to pick up a couple more items from local German stores in Hamburg. I will try and do a haul post soon to show off what I got.