{Fashion Monday} Bodysuit inspired outfits

For the longest time I have loved wearing bodysuits but hardly ever show you how I like to dress them or even showed you a picture of me wearing one as part of an outfit post but today I am going to change that.

I know not everyone loves wearing bodysuits, mostly because of the inconvenience when going to the loo and some feel their body shape doesn’t allow them to wear them, they don’t like them or have no confidence wearing them. I do not have the baywatch body to show off my latest bodysuit purchases, I have the “extra padding” body type and I am still rocking the bodysuit why? Because they are awesome and can allow you to get away with a lot.

  • Bodysuit(s) allow you to get away with wearing high-waisted shorts and not look like your shorts are about to cut you in half.
  • Bodysuit(s) look awesome with high-waisted maxi skirts
  • Bodysuit(s) are easy to dress
Bodysuit inspired

I have been in Dublin for the last four days and majority of my outfits were shorts with bodysuits and one pair of jeans with bodysuits. I managed to pick up a couple of bodysuits from the New Look sale last week and over the weekend I picked up another one in primark or penny’s as it’s known in Ireland.

Irish weather like British weather is known for its craziness and unpredictability. You’re guaranteed it will rain but more often than not You are not sure when the heavens will open and it will pour. I knew going to Ireland to meet up with my Instant friends turned Life time friends would not be an easy feat but I was prepared regardless. I also felt it was about time I started to rock the Butterfly Twists Wellington Ankle Boots (£45) I was sent last month for review.

Though I was prepared for the Irish weather (cold and constant rain), I still felt I could get away with wearing my shorts and pairing them with my recent bodysuit purchases. As I have mentioned above, I think bodysuits are easy to dress and almost everyone can get away with not putting much effort into the outfit (which is what I do 90% of the time). For all the outfits I had one long cardigan mac type coat to have on throughout my time in Ireland. I also had a cross body bag for when we were exploring Ireland.

What are your thoughts on bodysuits? How would you dress your bodysuit?