Fascinating Ideas for a Beautiful Garden Shed

garden shed

A garden shed can be so much more than just a place to store your tools. It can become a wonderful place to read in the garden or a place where the kids can play. Transforming your garden shed is also a great way to increase the value of your home. Professional renovations cost time and money, so many property owners choose to renovate their own homes. The Do-It-Yourself culture is quite popular, with numerous television programs dedicated to the practice of D-I-Y home. Here are some creative ideas for backyard retreats to completely transform your boring old garden shed into a useful space.

Home Office

Hate sitting in traffic and commuting to your office? Why not create a stunning home office so you don’t have to? Outdoor garden sheds are perfect for converting into a backyard office where you can get away from the domestic responsibilities and write, study and work. This is a great idea if you have kids because this will be the optimum work set up from home. Letting yourself be detached from the house is key to getting work done.

Bathroom Addition

If you love relaxing in a nice warm bath but don’t have the space in your house, why not take it outdoors? Turn your garden shed into a luxury resort where you can wind down and relax. You can get away from domestic responsibility and recharge your batteries. Plus, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. Why pay for a day spa, when you can create your own? To keep the heat in and the cold out you will need to insulate the shed.

A Greenhouse

Finding that your plants are wilting in the summer or freezing in the winter time? Create a greenhouse for them to reside in and hide away from the harsh weather conditions. There are adjustments you can make to your shed to ensure your plants are taken care of. Like, ensuring the windows are big enough to allow plenty of light in. Inspect plants before bringing them indoors. If they show signs of pests or disease, cure the problem before you infect your other indoor plants.

A Playhouse

Whether you have a small house or not, the kids will love a place of their own to play. Creating a place for the kids to play will get them out of the house and outdoors (somewhat). Include some creative activities for them to do in the garden shed like a chalkboard, table and chairs, some beans bags and books. They’ll love spending hours on end playing out there!

An Art Studio

This idea is perfect for a budding artist and creative minds.  If you are an art lover you will love this idea! Having a private space to have time to think and get your creative juices flowing is ideal. You’ll be free to paint and do art projects without cluttering your home’s living room. You can also go in there without the worry of spilling paint on the floors or walls in your home.

Get inspired by these ideas and turn that old or unused garden shed into a place where you love to spend your time! When purchasing a garden shed, maybe one of these ideas will come to mind or you might simply plan on using it to hold your garden supplies. Whatever the case may be, there are a number of ways to utilize your sheds space, so get creative!

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