Bedroom Wishlist

Recently I shared on the blog my living room wishlist which the inspired me to do a bedroom wishlist. I had been planning on updating my bedroom since I moved in and bought my current furniture but life got in the way and never really got round to planning what exactly I wanted in my bedroom and hence the bedroom wishlist.

bedroom wishlist

The flooring in my entire flat is carpeting except for the bathroom/toilet which if I am honest is not really idea for me. I have always loved hard floors than carpeted floors so if I had a choice I would have changed my flooring. But since I know that is something that won’t happen is this current apartment, I have decided to focus on things that I can actually change in my home.

Bedroom Wishlist

Wardrobe – currently I have an open hanging closet which I love as it helps me maintain my minimalist wanting stay help to declutter my home more easily. I have now come to the realisation that I miss having a normal wardrobe and I have been looking online to see where I can get one, at an affordable price

Beddings – I always buy my beddings from George Asda, Sainsbury and even Primark. I have not had any issues with these brands before and I love the beddings but I wouldn’t mind owning at least one 100% Egyptian Cotton beddings.

Make-up organiser – Though I am not a makeup person, I seem to own quite a lot of makeup items which are now scattered everywhere in my bedroom so I thought it was high time I invested in a good makeup organiser. I am currently looking at this one and this one on Amazon.

Curtains/Blinds – when I moved into this apartment I swore I would replace my landlords cute curtains. A year on and I still haven’t (not a priority) but now I want to look into replacing the curtains with even dark curtains or blinds as I am not liking being woken up by bright light.

These are the items that I currently have on my bedroom wishlist. You would think because my bedroom is my sacred room to rest and relax that I would have done some of these already I haven’t, they just weren’t priority enough but now they are.

Do you have a bedroom wishlist? What’s on your list?