{Fashion Monday} Black Hot Pants 

Black hot pants are my new must have pants or shorts as we call them here, in my summer wardrobe. I can not remember a time I didn’t have black hot pants in wardrobe. Every shopping trip I do, I always check out the black hot pants each store has. I own a couple from Primark, from New Look and from H& M and all have saved me right.

Traveling frequently, I need clothes that I can always count on and for me black hot pants are exactly that. When I am in Seoul, they are the best for clubbing. Recently I was in Copenhagen, they were my go to for all the touring I did. I always ensure I pack them wherever I am going except if it’s winter time at my destination.

How many black hot pants should you have?

There is always a question of how many one should own. I personally think as many as your laundry basket can fit. Frequent readers know I am always on the go every weekend, and it’s not always possible for me to do my laundry during the week. So it makes sense for me to have a couple of black hot pants just lying around for my next adventure.

Styling Hot Pants

In terms of styling hot pants, I think they are the easiest to dress up or down. When I am traveling, I like to pair my hot pants with trainers. A simple colourful top, a crossover bag and a nice light cardigan always does the trick. Sometimes I like to pair the hot pants with open toed sandals, lately it’s been this favourite stripped pair from Primark.

There lots of people who shy away from wearing hot pants because, they don’t like how they look in them. They don’t like how there legs and thighs look whilst wearing them. And some just don’t give two cents about hot pants. But for those who would like to wear hot pants, here are some of my tips.

Tips of styling Hot Pants

  • Long tops – If you don’t appreciate showing off a piece of your butt, then wear a long top to cover your behind. My hot pants hardly show any ass so I don’t always wear long tops
  • Colourful top – Hot pants aim to attract attention to your behind but if you want the focus to be somewhere else, then try wear colourful eye popping tops.
  • Dress them up – you can dress hot pants with a cute top and a pair of nice heels or wedges.
  • Dress them down – I prefer to dress my hot pants down, so I am always wearing them with trainers or open toed sandals
  • Make them work for you – the idea with hot pants is to look sexy effortlessly, so choose your poison – tight or loose. I like mine tight to show off my back side but I do own a couple which are loose and with them I pair with leggings on a cool day.

There you have it, a couple of cool tips for styling your hot pants. How do you style yours? Do you like hot pants?