• The Secret Behind Mori Lee’s Success

    The Secret Behind Mori Lee’s Success As One of the Biggest Brands in the Fashion World

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    Over the years, Mori Lee has become one of the most popular brands in the fashion world, not only because of their bridal dresses, but prom dresses as well. A fashion brand that originated in New York, but has been globally recognized because of the stunning designs they produce– from 2010 until now. Their styles and lines are definitely timeless, but it still continues to improve over the years.

    What Made the Mori Lee Dress Collection Stand Out Ever Since?

    Mori Lee is very much aware that the dress they are making should be something that’s totally unique– it shouldn’t just be something to wear, but something a little more ‘magical.’

    These are what the internationally renowned bridal designer, Madeline Gardner believes in—it’s the vision of their Mori Lee collection. The luscious dresses made by Mori Lee have turned heads and dropped jaws of millions of people worldwide. The lucky ladies who were able to wear these gorgeous and magnificent works of art made by a brilliant designer, usually enjoys a magical night. That, those who know the lady behind this fashionable dresses consider Madeline as a fairy god mother that can make every girl’s wish come true.

    How It All Started

    Madeline Gardner is a graduate of the Fashion Institute Technology and she has been the driving force behind the success of the Mori Lee dresses all are familiar with. Madeline loves every second of the work she does and her goal is to make every woman feel beautiful and ageless during their special day. The notes and photos she gets from her customers are what inspires her to offer the best dresses for ladies.

    Here’s a detailed timeline about the brand’s humble beginnings:

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    Characteristic of Mori Lee Dresses

    What makes the Mori Lee prom dresses stand out for years is because they use rich fabrics, make sure that the beadwork are meticulously detailed, and best of all, there’s an innovative partnering of traditional styling with fashion forward influences. Aside from that, Madeline is also known for her obsession with having the perfect fit, because she believes that a woman’s dress should make her look and feel beautiful while wearing it.

    Her First Office

    The award winning dresses of Mori Lee were first produced at their design studio in New York City– this is where she constantly explores new techniques, textures, and materials as she try to research about the latest fashion trends at the same time. Based on some interviews of Madeline, her inspiration is the “Capital of Glamour”– this has been the source of her energy, inspiration, and drive.

    As you pay close attention to the beautiful silhouette of the prom dresses made by Mori Lee, you won’t be able to help yourself but smile at its accent and run your fingers through its intricate lace work as well as beading. As you wear it, there’s no denying that you’ll feel beautiful in it and claim that it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for!

    Though, there will be instances where your preferred prom dress is a little difficult to find. In cases like this, what can be done is for you to visit PeachesBoutique.com and see their astonishing collection. They have a wide range of traditionally elegant, classically stunning prom dress collection. You can imagine yourself wearing contemporary, streamlined design coming from their Julietta collection– especially if you’re a full-figured woman. This kind of dresses is gorgeously styled and brilliantly designed to complement your curves.

    The Mori Lee Designs

    Usually, the prom dresses offered by Mori Lee are straight sheath dresses that come with fitted princess cut tops which are either gathered or flared waist. The aim of this design is to make women feel that they’re princesses waiting for their prince.

    Aside from that, their designs are usually catered for those who want to look as elegant as possible– their specialty are tiered dresses and halter necks. Likewise, they do offer an extra length for the body especially if this can make the dress more elegant than it already is.

    There are also the metallic prom dresses that were only offered by Mori Lee. These dresses are made of stunning sequin fabric that provides a molten gold look to the wearer. The dresses are completely glamorous yet sophisticated at the same time. It also has shoulder straps as well as side slits that are quite popular especially back in 2010 because of the Hollywood red carpets– that’s why every girl who are attending prom usually prefer this kind of prom dress, thinking that it would make them stand out from the crowd.

    Super Stylish Prom Dress for a Modern Look

    As for those who would rather opt for a modern look during prom, Mori Lee also has shorter prom dresses. They are often designed with encrusted necklines, and it’s a design catered for girls who want to look different– stylish and more modern.

    The Mori Lee prom dress designs continue to evolve. They also offer a dress that you can wear for other events, aside from prom. It has wonderful elements such as accentuating the body shape and complexion of the wearer. This design is especially made for women who consider themselves as someone who’s unique. The short cocktail dresses are in the A-line style that brilliantly complements the bottom half part of the body. Thus, it appeals to a broad range of women who are into that style.

    Not only can you wear it during your prom night, it’s also perfect as an evening gown during a date.

    The Voyage Collection

    Since the Mori Lee line keeps on building and improving their styles, they also offered the Voyage Collection– it’s for women who want a dress that looks like a wedding dress, but definitely stylish as a prom dress as well. Best of all, you don’t have to compromise your mobility while wearing this dress because it’s really comfortable to wear.

    Final Words

    It’s every lady’s dream to look her best during this very memorable event. The Mori Lee collections would definitely be perfect for that purpose. The lady behind this brand has proven her incredible talent and managed to rise to the top of the fashion world over the years.

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