{Fashion} Must Have Autumn Boots

Having ‘Autumn Boots’ is a must have if you’re living anywhere like the UK. Just the other day I was talking to ‘new friends’ about how us Brits always walk with our brollies and shades. We are not ones to miss out on the ‘scarce’ sunshine and yet our brollies are not too far away either.

Trying to predict British weather is like waiting for rain in the Sahara. This presents a challenge for us Brits when choosing which outfits would work best for all seasons. I am not one for boots but when I do wear boots they are usually knee-high. If the day started off rainy and cold, they are perfect but by lunch time I am sweating buckets. Having stylish but yet simple ankle boots is the way in autumn hence ‘autumn boots’.


Must Have Autumn Boots


Autumn Boots ~Buying and dressing

There is a huge range of what I am calling Autumn Boots (aka ankle boots) to choose from. Just step into any clothing store and you will be spoilt for choice. Just today, I managed to purchase some lovely ankle autumn boots from Tesco’s F&F clothing range. It’s not exactly your number one choice fo boots but they sure do look pretty and are affordable.

I recently share my Fall (Autumn) work outfit ideas, on the mood board I showed you how I like to dress for work. Believe you me, today was the exception to the rule as it seemed none of my ankle autumn boots were a good match. I ended up trying on 7 other pairs of ankle boots before I settled on probably the worst pair I own. Today was just one of those mornings, I literally had nothing to wear that matched my mood. It rained all morning, I did want to wear boots that are warm but won’t leave me sweating throughout the day.

When it comes to dressing ankle autumn boots with tiny ankles like me you will struggle for the uptith time. It seems my feet always seem to stand in the middle of the boots looking all ugly and stuff. I decided when buying ankle boots, it’s either they hug my ankles or I have bulky socks. That way, I don’t look like bambii in boots and can still look stylish with minimal effort.

How do you like to dress your ankle autumn boots?