Recent Fashion Additions ~ Boots

Boots are the recent fashion additions in my closet, I don’t know when I started loving them so much. Probably about 15 years ago when we moved from Zambia to England. These are two countries with absolute opposite weather types. Zambia is everything hot even and hardly cold and England is everything cold even and hardly ever hot. I still remember my first pair of boots mum bought me from George Asda. Not exactly your designer brand but amazing brand nonetheless.

Recently I have been buying some Boots to add to my ever-growing collection with no shame. England is no joke with cold weather, maybe not as cold as Canada or the north/south poles but cold altogether. Regular readers know I take every precaution when it comes to dressing for comfort and warmth.

Recent Additions ~ Boots 

Recent Fashion Additions

A few months back the weather started playing cat and mouse game and I needed something to protect my feet. I had a £25 gift voucher from work and I ordered myself the cutest black ankle Boots. One would think this pair was enough but not me, I needed another pair of three.

An uncle gave me a £50 Amazon gift card as a belated present. With that, I ordered items that I really needed a pair of Ankle Boots. Quickly going back into Amazon and checking out my favourite store  New Look I started my search. It didn’t take me long to find a pair of Ankle Boots that I really liked. As an Amazon prime member, I placed my order and received them the very next day.

Chorus True D Fit

When an email popped into my account with collaboration request, I almost choked on my tea. An opportunity to work with Brantano, a company whose products I have only ever added on my wishlist. After getting over the shock at this opportunity to expand my recent fashion additions. I knew the type of boots I wanted but no idea if Brantano had them. I was glad to find they have a great selection of Boots from different brands like Clarks and many others.

A hard choice it to pick just one but narrowed it down to Chorus True D Fit from Clarks costing £60 but currently on sale for £45. They are made from and lined with leather, heel made from rubber and heel-size is 7.5. Wearable at work for a professional look, with skinny jeans for date night or running errands.

I am loving my ankle boots obsession so much I am still on the hunt for me. A girl can never have too many shoes even when I don’t have space to store them all. I will survive indeed.

*Disclosure – I was sent a pair of ankle boots from Brantano for the purpose of an honest review, all opinions are 100% my own*