{Fashion Monday} Dress your Ankle Boots

Dress your ankle boots is an outfit idea of how I dress ankle boots for work. I naturally have stick legs so I struggle with buying cute and fitting ankle boots. Many a time I have missed out on good presents because of my stick legs. MoH wouldn’t buy me ankle boots or mid-length because my legs literally stood in the middle and didn’t look cute.

Because of this experience I developed a shyness for trying to dress in ankle or mid-length boots. Overtime I just totally disregarded them and never made an effort. The majority of the time when I wear ankle boots they would be hidden under my trousers and never to be seen.

After a while I realised how ridiculous it was to avoid these awesome different types of shoes because of my stick legs. No one is perfect, everyone has parts they wish where different and that’s ok. It’s the imperfections that make us unique and perfect in our own right. I have chosen to embrace everything that is different about me and use it to my advantage.

Dress your ankle boots

Dress your Ankle Boots

Creating the dress your ankle boots outfit I came up with a few ideas, some which I used and others still on moodboard. The beauty about having moodboards is I can switch up outfits for better or worse dependent on mood. When I was creating this outfit I thought about where I spend most of my time and that is work. Dressing my ankle boots outside work has always been easy but still tacky in its own right. Work is one that I have completely ignored but today I am showing you how to dress your ankle boots.

Last week I was in Southampton for my postgrad course and it was perfect time for me to show you how to dress your ankle boots. As you know I only have an iPhone for my blog pictures so they do not always turn out how I imagined. But that is ok, for me if I can’t convey the feeling in pictures I will on the moodboard.

ankle boots

Tips on how to dress your ankle boots

  • Find fitting ankle boots. There is no point picking the cutest ankle boots but they don’t fit snuggly on you. I know the feeling and the look only too well.
  • Choose the length of the ankle boots. Some ankle boots go a little above the ankles and others a little below. Choose those which you prefer then choose your style.
  • Dress for comfort. Not many of us like high-heeled ankle boots but some of us do, so its important to define your comfort.