{Travel} Visiting Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge is one of the rapidly growing tourist attractions in Slovenia. It is carved by the River Rodovna, about four (4) kilometres from the popular tourist destination Lake Bled. Slovenia is a country known as the green country of Europe. Every thing about Slovenia is relaxing and Slovenians love the great outdoors as do many Eastern Europeans.

I visited Slovenia for the first time last year December, it prompted me to start the #Take12Trips travel challenge. During my first visit I went as far as Ljubljana and explored only this capital city. I enjoyed my 24hrs in the city so much that I was looking forward to returning during the warmer months.

Imagine my delight when after answering an ad for bloggers to visit Slovenia, I was informed I had been chosen. Because I hadn’t expected to me accepted and offered all expenses paid trip (excluding flights) I hadn’t prepared. I ended up booking days off from work at last-minute and flights two nights before departure. To say I was totally stressed out was an understatement but thankfully the host BigBerry were very welcoming and organised.

Arriving in Slovenia I was pretty tired, I had woken up too early for the airport and stressed about work. It didn’t help that upon arrival, we went straight to Bled Castle then to Vintgar Gorge. The tour of Bled Castle was nice but it was nothing compared to Vintgar Gorge and its spectacular views. Do you ever has those moments where you’re dead tired but seeing something just awakens you? Well whether you do or not, I experienced that the moment I saw Vintgar Gorge.

A little history

Vintgar Gorge was discovered in 1891  Jakob Zumer and friends. It wasnt until a few years later when the Gorge was opened to the public due to tourism in Bled. The Gorge is 1.6 km long carving its way through the vertical rocks of the Hom and Bort hills. The Vintgar gorge has two man-made sights; stone bridge of the Bohinj railway and the dam.

The path through Vintgar gorge leads along the wooden bridges, galleries and rushing river Radovna through the picturesque gorge, which measure 1600m and ends with 26-metre waterfall Šum.

Though I can not give the specifics of how to get there, I know Vintgar Gorge is 4kms from Bled walking. It costs about 4euros per adults and its open from April throughout the summer (not sure about winter). There are tour buses from Bled to Vintgar Gorge so I would avoid most tourist times of 11am till 1pm.

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