{Travel} Venice Weekend getaway

Venice, located in the northeastern of Italy and arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. It’s nicknamed the city of water, it has no roads so no cars only boats and canoes. The city of masks, probably more than I anticipated and the city of bridges. It is considered the capital of Veneto region – composed of 20 regions of which Venice is the capital.

Venice weekend getawayVenice weekend getawayWe wasted a day during the Milan trip but made it all up with the visit to Venice. Did we have a plan of what we were going to do whilst in Venice? Nope, never do but it was for the best. We did what I always do, got up, got out and hoped for the best. A little planning doesn’t hurt but neither does going with the wind and letting it guide you.

We had booked a train from Milan to Venezia {VENICE}. Because no research was done we guessed Venezia was the Italian word for Venice. Yes we had a good chuckle when we realised how we were right. It didn’t take long for us to buy a day ticket each and a map to get on our way. The bus from Venezia train station to Venice was roughly 15-20 minutes with traffic. The bus stop in Venice (Piazzale Roma) is right opposite the Grand canal with the train station (Stazione FF-SS) a few minutes next to it.

Venice weekend getawayGetting off the bus at Paizzale Roma, we decided on walking over to the bridge for a quick look before heading to Murano Island. Venice has no streets only canals so everyone you want to go you need to use a boat of some sort. The ticket we bought in Venezia was for all public transport (excluding trains) so we could ride as many public boats as possible.

First up we decided we wanted to visit Murano Island. I follow Zena of Zena’s suitcase on Instagram and she has herself just returned from Venice a few weeks back. So I borrowed some ideas of what to see and do in Venice. Heading up to Murano Island the view was breathtaking, it’s not everyday you take a boat to get to an island. The boat ride from Piazzole Roma to Murano Island was less than 15 minutes even with the busyness of the tourist port.

Stepping onto Murano Island, home of glass factory taken in by its beauty with our mouths open. We managed to walk one half of the island and the other half we left for the next time we visit.

We didn’t get to see much of Burano Island because we wanted to focus on the main Island of Venice. There is so much artitectural beauty, many alleyways and bridges. On our way from maestre an older couple did tell us we would get lost in one of the alleyways and sure enough we did. There was so much to do and see that it wasn’t until our stomachs rumbled that’s when we realised we hadn’t eaten. Grabbing a hot dog we explored Venice once more before boarding the bus back to maestre to catch our train to Milan.

Venice weekend getawayVenice weekend getaway


  • Invest in a day pass for public transport as that’s the only way to see Venice properly
  • You don’t need to ride a gondola to explore Venice but it’s always a nice treat
  • Download a map of Venice instead of being tricked into buying one for €3 (£2)
  • Arrive easily to have enough time to explore the islands
  • Pack foods and snacks to avoid paying extortionate prices
  • Regardless of when you visit always dress for comfort. If not taking a gondola there is a fair bit of walking to do.