Christmas presents for the family 

Christmas presents

Christmas presents for the family

Christmas is here! Well practically and I am proud to say I have bought Christmas presents for the family. I didn’t say wrapped I just said bought. Christmas for my family and I has always been a family and friends affair. Every Christmas morning, we go to church and be in the presence of the lord and our friends. After we heard home and start cooking then it’s dinning with family and then afternoon nap. We do not exactly what a time dedicated to opening presents, we just open them when we feel like it throughout the day.

Though I have such a large extended family, in the UK it’s just a few of us. Consisting of my parents, young brother and sister, my nephew and my sister-in-law. You would thinking because we are few on this side of the world, present buying would be easy well it’s not. Everyone in the family except my nephew is hard to buy for but I do try my best. With that being said here are the Christmas presents for the family and where I got them.

Christmas Presents for the Family

Nephew – Smyths 

My brother and my SIL mentioned that my nephew really wanted a bike. I asked them to send a link and I quickly placed the order, I can not wait for him to be riding it around their home and the park.


My brother is one whose both hard and easy to shop for. He won’t complain whatever you get him but won’t always say what he really wants. He’s gotten better at it now but this time I got lucky and asked he what he wanted. He said he’s been loving these Men Boots* for a while now and would love to have them. With Christmas here it made perfect sense to at least grant him this wish. The boots are warm, comfortable and most of all real stylish.

Sister-in-law – Amazon 

A few days ago I was browsing Amazon when I thought about getting a beauty advent calendar for my SIL. I know she loves beauty items now and again and thought this advent calendar would be perfect. I am sure she would have loved a chocolate one but I think she’s had many of those in the past. This time I wanted her to get something different from me and hope she liked this present.

Sister – Do the Hoola Beyond Bronze Kit from Benefit

I have always shied away from buying gifts on planes but I couldn’t resist this Benefit travel gift set. My sister is all into makeup and she knows her stuff so it made sense to pick this kit for her. The kit contains; lipgloss,mascara, powder, liquid bronze,mini powder brush and benefit lipstick.

Mum and Dad – Harding Gift Sets.

For mum I saw the lovely gift set with house slippers and beauty products and I knew she would love that. For dad I also got him a spa beauty set for men which came in a nice leather men’s toilet bag.

For me – Thank you sponsors

Obviously I am part of the family so it made sense to include the items that i got for Christmas. I have been fortunate enough to have been sent some lovely items over the last couple of weeks. The Lee Stafford Academy Straighteners arrived just in time for Christmas and so did this New Chic Boots*. These Boots are helping me Stay warm and stylish this Christmas without even trying which is awesome. Over the last few weeks I have been wanting a watch and now I have three, New Chic sent me two and I bought one.

Christmas is not about gifts only, it’s about spending time together, it’s about catching up. Presents are always fun to have but we should not forget the true meaning of this holiday. It is about remembering Christ, his birth and the lord’s grace he continues to show us. Weather you believe or not is your prerogative.

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