{Fashion Monday} Stay Warm and Stylish this Christmas

Stay Warm & Stylish this Crhistmas

Stay Warm and Stylish this Christmas

Christmas is in 6 days time, the weather has truly turned for the worst here and I am not a happy bunny. Over the weekend visibility was so bad when driving and it has dropped a few degrees lower in temperature. I am no longer going to bed with just simple sleepwear, I have to be everything bundled up with no spaces. The worse part is when you need to go to the loo and you’re all covered up.

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With the cold weather comes many an opportunity to drink lots of hot chocolate, whilst watching my favourite Christmas movies. But since  we have not completely finished work for the holidays, I need to pop into the office a couple of times this week. I was thinking about my new pairs of comfy *boots from New Chic that are definitely keeping warm and happy and thought I share this outfit. Christmas is definitely here when you can celebrate getting some items from your wishlist.

The Outfit

I traveled over the weekend to go visit my parents and I knew I needed to Stay Warm and Stylish this Christmas. Obviously regular readers know for me styling starts with being comfortable in what I choose. These Boots from New Chic are everything warm, stylish and comfortable without even trying. My feet have definitely thanked me for the wonderful decision to purchase these boots.

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As it’s Christmas period, it makes sense to add a christmas jumper whilst trying to Stay Warm and Stylish this Christmas. I have never been one to jump on the Ugly Christmas jumper wagon but I will get one that catches my eye. This Jumper did exactly that and I can’t get enough of it, it definitely complimented this look. Staying festive but stylish without much effort on my part.

To ensure I would stay warm throughout my journey home, I had a warm coat with gloves and scarf. Sometimes it’s the simplest of outfit ideas that seem to work and look stylish at the same time. How are you ensuring that you Stay Warm and Stylish this Christmas?

Disclosure: I was sent the *Boots in exchange for inclusion in a fashion post.

  • Thanks Manavi, I am too

  • It sure has, not sure how we will fair in January

  • Amen to that

  • Valerie CottageMakingMommy

    I need the whole outfit. All of it. Now I just need to lose weight to fit in it.

    • Awww bless I am sure we can find your size love and would still love totally gorgeous

  • jillconyers

    I love the whole outfit especially the coat. This reminds me I need new gloves.

    • Thanks, I need new gloves too

  • HollyAllie Noah

    Love the coat and gloves! I wish I had me where to wear all that cute winter pieces. Florida is too hot!

    • So jealous of Florida weather, wish we had proper summer like you guys so the winter would be totally worth it and justified

  • Love that Coat, got me a cool short jacket style winter coat that has fur on the lapels, cant wait to rock it tomorrow and beyond. Who says winter has to be boring?

    • Who says indeed, the description of your coat has me wanting to check it out too

  • I really need a coat like the one you chose! It’s so stylish but still keeps you warm!

    • Thanks Candice, I believe Macy’s has one like this

  • That coat is simply divine! I love the cut and the lapels. I have to admit I tend to go for style over practicality! X

    • Hahaha that used to be me but since freezing doesnt gel well with my bones I kee[p well warm

  • I really love that festive jumper. I feel really sad that I haven’t bought one this year.

    • Aww dear, maybe in the Jan sales you can find one and keep for the nexy Christmas

  • It is weird that the sweater you picked makes me want a holiday cookie? It totally reminds me of a demo SweetAmbs on Youtube did. But seriously, I really do adore everything about your picks. You can stay warm and still look like a style maven.

    • Awww thanks hun, now about that cookie lol

  • Stunning collection.The coat is looking very tempting.I will be shopping this look.

    • Glad to hear it and thanks

  • Superb collections…the combinations looks very classy and specially jacket is too good…thank you….

    • Thanks so much, I appreciate that

  • The boots do look lovely and warm with the fur lining in them!

    • The linning I believe has made all the difference

  • kerry norris

    My boots are my staple piece for keeping warm during the winter and my bobble hat x

    • Mine too including a thick winter coat

  • mail4rosey

    I always like the Christmas sweaters. I was so glad when the knit hats with the balls came back in style.

    • Hahaha me too, my mum used to make them for us as kids

  • Love the jeans and the bobble hat – perfect for this time of year xx

  • Karen Gough

    I love that outfit especially the bobble hat I’m obsessed with them at the moment, every time I go into Primark I pick one up

    • Oh dear you must have a collection now. I love them too and looking to replace my recently lost one

  • francesca

    I have to admit i’m one of those igly christmas jumper wearers!! They are awesome! I agree with wearing boots for great winter month shoe wear I love mine!

    • Hahaha, well if you love the ugly christmas jumpers why not

  • Cannot beat bobble hats around this time of year! xo

    • Hahaha no you cant

  • Do you know why I like winters the most? Because I get to wear cool jackets, nice caps, and leather boots. Many people hate winters, but I love this season due to the outfit choices

    • I am not a big fan of winter but I am very appreciative of the outfit choices I can ramage together

  • Baby Isabella

    Totally agree with having sensible warm boots in winter that look stylish. we’ve just picked up a nice pair. Love the bobble hat!

    • Oooh glad to hear it, I love sensible and warm boots during the colder months

  • I love that coat ! so hard to find one I like !

    • It can be hard but with patience and great hunting you will find one

  • I love that Christmas jumper – it’s festive without being too festive x

    • Exactly my aim, thanks

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I love that jumper, so festive without being OTT and I adore the boots too x

    • Thank you Rachel, I was aiming for just a touch of festiveness

  • Mellissa Williams

    I love those boots, they look warm and cosy. The coat is so stylish too, I love that as well

    • Thanks Mellissa, me too

  • I like the Christmas jumper a lot. I love to stay warm and chic.

    • You and me both, warmth is priority

  • TheLocdBella

    I am drawn to those boots and the jacket. As my cousin would say, they are so fetch and perfect together.

    • Hahaha loving your cousins lingo

  • Kara

    Loving that Christmas jumper – I prefer ones that can be worn for longer than just the xmas period

    • I feeling exactly hence why I rarely buy the Christmas ones

  • Blair Villanueva

    Oh adore your choices of outfits especially the trench coats. I always feel so cold during Christmas.. and trench coats are my investment pieces.

    • These winter coats are definitely a worthy investment for the long winters

  • Clairejustineo

    I love this outfit you have put together. I am all for Christmas jumpers at the minute 🙂

  • Gem

    I love that coat – where’s it from hun?

    • I picked mine from H&M

  • Ola Broom

    That coat! So chic and cozy looking. I’m definitely going to take a look at the boots you mentioned too.

    • Thanks Ola and glad to hear it

  • Wren LaPorte

    I love that coat and paired with that scarf looks amazing. I think the sweater is also a nice touch for the holidays. 🙂

    • Thanks, definitely had to add the sweater twas the season

  • Those books looks so awesome. I can just imagine how cozy they are.

    • *Boots and yes they do/are

  • Coats are so hard to purchase when you live in areas with extreme winter conditions. I really like the one in your collage!!

    • They can be for sure, thanks for stopping by Lisa

  • I love a great coat that warm and versatile. That colors goes with some many

  • What I like about winter is that the clothes that you layer can be stylish and comfy! I always go for pieces that are comfortable but would still look great.

    • I am always going for comfort and style is a bonus

  • Becca Wilson

    These boots are so adorable. I am a huge lover of boots when the weather gets cooler!

    • Me too and thanks Becca

  • kelly recci

    Yea the coat is very nice, it would fit any color of my dresses. Also, the boots looks so warm to wear. love to have one

    • Definitely true about the coat and the boots

  • Our Family World

    The suede coat is really gorgeous! These outfit is very stylish and perfect this coming Holiday.

  • Victoria Heckstall

    What a lovely coat! I love the color of it and perfectly match with boots.

    • Thanks Victoria, I knew I had to have it to match my boots

  • I love the suede coat, I have a similar one from Missguided and it is lush! Nice boots too!

    • Aint it just, I am in love too

  • fivelittledoves

    Ooh lovely! I love that jumper, and the coat, they all look lovely and cosy!

  • Melanie Edjourian

    I do love that hat, coat and boots they look like they would be fabulously warm for the winter period which I need as I feel the cold so much.

    • They are, I too am feeling the cold more this time of year

  • Teresa Bowen

    Love the boots, they look as though they could cope with the rural lanes I walk along daily and then clean up easily enough to wear in town. I’m so tempted.

    • Oh yes that is so true of the boots

  • Jodie Whitham

    Love the coat, boots and jumper. Where do you get these? x

    • From all over, the boots from newchic and other items can be found in NewLook, H&M etc

  • Great outfit, I love the boots, they look so cosy! 🙂

    • Thanks Lilinha, they sure are

  • Jo Wiggins

    Ok I think this is my perfect winter outfit, love the boots x

  • Lyndsey O’Halloran

    I love the brown coat in the picture. Coats are my must have to be warm

    • They sure are especially in these weather conditions

  • Briana Marie

    It is SOOO cold here. I must admit, I haven’t been the most stylish. I’ve just been so focused on not freezing to death. Lol.

    • Love I am right there with you, for me style comes second

  • Ave T

    We still have a warm autumn weather here. Can’t wait for the colder weather! That red Christmas jumper looks really cute!

    • Aww how very lucky as its pretty cold here

  • I really enjoy layering – keeps me lovely and toasty, but also looks good too!

    • I am working on my love levels for layering lol

  • I’m all about staying warm and cozy at the moment. Loving your chic outfit 🙂

    • Thanks Lubka, I am the same

  • I’m definitely all about layering in the winter. Love those boots, they look so very warm and cosy, yet still so stylish x

    • They sure are and I can not get enough of them

  • Thanx for such a great outdift ideas for christmas . I love always wearing anything red or christmas

    • Aww thanks Nazma, I am glad to help

  • Vaichin@RamblingThroughParenth

    Love all the items you have put together. The boots look very welcome in this weather!

    • Thanks Vaichin and yes the boots are so warm

  • TinaBowling

    I love the warm cozy outfit you put together. I need that sweater AND those boots!

    • Thanks Tina, you should definitely get these items as they are awesome and warm

  • This is a great outfit! I tend to wear a lot of sweaters during the winter.

  • Sophie

    Love an oversized jumper and woolly hat. Winter is all about comfort 🙂

    • Same and I agree it’s all about comfort

  • FussFreeJen

    My favourite item at the moment is on oversize grey jumper, nothing exciting, but it’s soft and so warm. The best bit about winter clothes for me is big jumpers.

    • I think if it’s comfortable, warm and you like it then why not

  • Joanna

    I love the jumper so cute and perfect for Christmas i bet its cosy. I also love the look of them boots they look very cosy, comfy and warm.

    • Both the boots and jumper are so warm, I am loving them both this winter

  • Talya Stone

    Warm and stylish is definitely the perfect combo and I love the pieces you have picked out to do that with!

  • That red and white jumper is delicious! Love pieces that are Christmassy without being totally mad.

    • Delicious?? lol

  • I love layering so this time of year is absolutely fine by me but you’re right it did get extra cold this weekend x

    • I am learning to love layering especially as the weather gets colder