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Eze Village

Eze Village

Eze Village ~ The French Riviera 

Eze Village is a medieval village nested on the hilltop facing the Mediterranean Sea on the French Riviera. It’s located nicely between Nice in France and the principality of Monaco. Because of its location overlooking a high cliff 1401+ feet above sea level it’s also called the eagle’s nest.

I hadn’t heard of the village until I went on a tour whilst visiting Nice for a weekend. Eze village is so small that you can explore it within an hour, well at least I did (in heels).

The beauty of Eze Village lies in the many narrow streets, art galleries and the mini tourist shops. The main attraction apart from the impeccable views, an advantage of being so high up. It’s the botanical garden(I paid €4 to enter but can be up to €6 in summer) and the church. The ochre church built 1764 can be seen from miles away, I was truly blown away by this little village. 

The locals have dubbed Èze is the ‘village musée or museum village’ as apparently some of the original residents still reside here. Eze is definitely a tourist attraction of the French Riviera which many might overlook but that would be a mistake. The village offers the best views of the Mediterranean, beautiful and quant shops, beautiful art galleries and much more.

Though I was able to explore the village in an hour, it was still a worth hour I spent during my getaway. If you ever get a chance to visit either French Riviera or Monaco then do schedule an hour or two for Eze.

On the last day of the getaway I was able to schedule in a visit to Fragonard perfume Factory, Eze Village tour and Monte Carlo. If I can do it then trust me so can you.