{Featured Brand} Perfect Glasses ~ Largest UK online provider 

Perfect Glasses

Perfect Glasses are the UK’s largest online providers of sunglasses and prescription glasses. Launched in 2009, their aim is to not only be the most affordable online shop but providers of quality products. This is evident with the numerous positive reviews and testimonies from satisfied customers me included.

When Perfect Glasses reached out, I couldn’t have been more happy. I had wanted to get my mum some new glasses but then I saw the multitude of designer glasses they stock. Obviously that swayed me big time and I ended up choosing something for myself, I know I am selfish right now. But I couldn’t help it and I am buying bought mum something else which I know she loves already. 

Perfect Glasses

With over 1000 frames to choose from, Perfect Glasses offers a multitude of styles and brands. The company takes pride in housing frames which both affordable (starting from £9) and from premium brands (Gucci). Supplying the finest quality prescription glasses and sunglasses at lowest and unbeatable prices in the UK. These days many high street stores offer ‘affordable’ prices on designer brand but perfect glasses can sometimes 14 times cheaper.

At Perfect Glasses, we believe in providing exceptional value to our customers. With every frame that you buy, we offer free prescription lenses and scratch resistant coatings. Enabling our customers to find the right frames at reasonable cost is a priority for us. Our prompt and responsive customer service team will ensure that each individual has an incredible shopping experience at perfectglasses.co.uk.

Perfect Glasses Review

Prior to being contacted by the company, I had not heard of them but I am glad to have been introduced. Before deciding to collaborate with the company, I took some time to review the website and see what they offered. Y’all know I love my sunglasses and usually include them in most of my Fashion posts. Whilst checking out the website, I noticed that when placing your order you have an opportunity to try the glasses online. Like a few other companies, you get to upload your picture and then see how the glasses would look before purchase.

Perfect Glasses

Perfect Glasses offers a lowest price and 90 day no quibble guarantee, as well as fast delivery with options to track the order. My order was placed Friday and I received them by Tuesday, I was worried that they wouldn’t arrive until after Christmas. But they arrived way before that and came really nicely packaged and in a protective case. When I opened the case, the sunglasses had a mini foam inside to keep the lens clean and a cloth for cleaning.

The sunglasses are of good quality, they are strong and I love the shape of them. I have several sunglasses but these just stood out for me and now I can not get enough of them. Though it is winter and hardly any sunlight, it has been fun playing dress up indoors. Whenever I put outfits together I always think of how they will look paired with the perfect glasses.

Shopping for glasses online

Buying spectacles online has become so much easier and complicated all at once. Easier in that it’s just a click of a button, complicated in that there are so many choices out there to choose from. For my mum she relies on her Boots optician to let her know which prescription sunglasses she should get. But when you don’t have the time to go around visiting your optician it’s nice to have online providers like Perfect Glasses.

I am really pleased with my new sunglasses, the quality is second to none, the price is amazing and most of all they look good. Thank you perfect glasses for sending me the best christmas present so far, I can not stop showing them off.


{Sponsored Post, thank you Perfect Glasses for sending me the glasses. All opinions shared are my own}

  • Karlyn Bishop

    You’re right, it’s good to have online services for prescription glasses. It must be nice to have a pair like those, my old friendly neighbor can use a new one as well.

    • In this day and age it’s important to have these services available to us

  • Karlyn Bishop

    I’m inspired to create these crafts, even if it’s not going to be on par with how pretty they are from this post. Time to put some more decorations!

  • WendyPolisi

    The price starts at an affordable range, that sounds comfortable for people who sometimes balk at how expensive custom frames can be. I also love the name Perfect glasses, simple and effective to draw you in and buy one.

    • Exactly I thought the same about the name and yes they have some really adorable frames

  • Ave T

    I need new glasses! I just checked them out and they have so many beautiful designs to choose from!

    • They sure do, everything from jimmy choo to police

  • Dana Vento

    I like that pair of glasses. Looks comfortable and might just have the right amount of tint. Strange enough, it reminded me to have a good set for my computer screen-staring needs.

    • They are truly comfortable and so awesome and I am even using these for my computer screen time too

  • These glasses do look awesome! I’ll keep this site in mind when I need a new pair!

    • Thanks Amber, cheers for stopping by

  • Those look great. I am a little hesitant to buy glasses online because I want to see how it looks on me before I buy it. I think these would be nice though.

    • That’s understandable hence why this company offers you to upload a recent picture of you and you can see how they frames will sit on your face

  • Melanie Smith

    Finding the perfect glasses is so hard for me. You look so amazing with yours. I wish I could find mine.

    • Thanks Melanie! Check out the website and maybe you might find something you like

  • Leigh Anne Borders

    A good pair of glasses is so important. I need to check these out for the future.

    • You totally should and yes it’s so important to have a good pair of glasses

  • Great to know about this! I have to wear glasses full-time and I’m always on the lookout for new styles!!

    • Glad to have introduced you to them

  • These glasses are cute. I am so glad that ordering glasses online turned out to be a success for you.

    • Thanks Victoria, me too

  • Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

    these glasses are sexy and sleek. they look great on you

    • Thanks Dawn, I love them

  • Jennifer Parker-Gilbert

    I never thought to purchase glasses online. I’ll have to check out their website. Love the frames! Very fashionable, especially for prescription lenses. Good to know the prices are reasonable, too!

    • Thanks so much, many people don’t know such convenient places exist

  • Lois Alter Mark

    Wow, those glasses look so good on you! This seems like a great place to shop!

    • Thanks Lois it sure is

  • Those glasses are so cute. Not sure how they’d fit on my face, but on you they are divine.

    • On the website you have an option to upload your picture and see how they would fit you

  • These glasses look amazing on you!! I have to have sunglasses year round, the wind bugs my eyes so perfect reason to have great looking glasses!

    • I love having glasses all year round too, no excuse on my end just love it

  • tara pittman

    Those glasses look good on you. My husband need new glasses so he needs to shop here

    • Aww thanks Tara I love them and hope you husband finds some that he likes

  • A free prescription lenses and scratch resistant coatings is a great deal. Finding the right frames at reasonable price is the one I am looking for.

    • And that’s exactly what perfect glasses is offering the right frames at reasonable prices

  • Robin Rue

    Those are really nice looking sunglasses. I will need a new pair for next summer because mine broke.

    • Oh dear! Hope you find some that you like, check out perfect glasses. And thanks I love mine