20 Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

20 Valentine’s Day gift ideas all compiled from the lovely source of wonders Pinterest. Though harshly biased by me because all these are items that I love and would want.

Valentine’s Day is a mere 3 weeks away and though most of us don’t like how commercialised it is, it’s still fun. I won’t lie and say I don’t like getting gifts on Valentine’s Day because I do. Most us love the idea of Valentine’s Day but want it to be an everyday thing and not just the 14th of February. What I mean is, don’t just show love on this day, show it always. Then 14th February can be just another excuse to give your partner more love and presents.

I have mentioned already on the blog that I won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day but that wont stop me sharing ideas. And I thought the best place to look for all kinds of gift ideas is Pinterest which has everything. I mean you just have to type Valentine’s and you will be bombarded with ideas. So yours truly has put this list together 20 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you.

20 Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

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Have any of these 20 Valentine’s Day gift ideas given you an idea for the upcoming lovers day?

  • These are some great ideas and not only for Valentine’s day 😉

  • Great ideas! My boyfriend and I will probably be going to some infrared sauna 🙂

  • Some great ideas there, I definitely need to do some baking ahead of the big day so I have some nice treats for us to eat x

  • Such a good ideas glad you share this, I’m always excited when Valentines has come.

  • Laura

    I love Valentines Day and always buy my hubby aftershave and then something sentimental

  • Great ideas here, I’m single this Valentine’s Day so I’m planning on treating myself x

  • Thanks for sharing, those are lots of fab ideas! xx

  • I’m loving all the V Day stuff coming up on Pinterest. I don’t have a SO and I usually hate the day with a passion but I think it’s be different if I had one. I think a mini break would be top of the list but right now i’d settle for a box of ferro rocher

  • Jodie Whitham

    I love these ideas – so creative! I agree – i wish it was everyday. I think a break away sounds the most lovely x

  • Pinterest is my go-to place when I need inspiration! This is such a great V-day list.

  • Zena’s Suitcase

    I always struggle with Valentines Day, but you’ve done all the work for me. Will be taking a peak at the jar ideas, I’m sure I’ll find something

    • I am glad to hear I could help

  • Angela Milnes

    I like the sound of chocolate spoons I would like to try and make some Valentines gifts this year.

    • I fell in love with the chocolate spoons I saw on Pinterest and just had to share them on here