Embrace and Celebrate the New Year

Embrace and Celebrate the New Year is my motto (amongst others) for 2017. I have been reading many posts complaining talking about how 2016 kicked their butt, 2017 can only be better. Whilst I am not one to judge nor was 2016 a bad year for me personally I still want to embrace and Celebrate 2017. There are so many things to be thankful for and so many things to be celebrated so far in the new year.

embrace and celebrate

Things to be thankful for 

  • You’re alive, think of how many we’ve lost in the last few weeks and 2016.
  • Your family, no one is perfect but having that support system is second to none.
  • Your friends, as we grow older we become selective of the company we keep. Assess your own situation and see whose truly your friend.
  • Birthdays and other Celebrations. Some of our families of friends will be graduating this year, everyone will be celebrating a birthday at some point. One of my gorgeous nieces has her 1st birthday celebration coming up.
  • The air we breathe, we keep forgetting the greatest gift of free air.
  • Love ❤️ everyone has someone they love and someone who loves them. Sometimes it’s hard to believe you can ever find true love but try giving true love to someone first.

There are many things that we can and should be thankful and what I have listed above should help us with to embrace and Celebrate the New Year.

What will I Embrace and Celebrate in 2017? 

It took me a while to sit down and think about the things that I want to embrace, the things to celebrate and cherish.

  • Family – I have a close-knit and involved family. Last year I created a WhatsApp group for our family so we always in contact and share our lives. It’s funny how just having this little chat group has helped us become ever closer. My family is scattered across the UK, parents in Eastern England, brother & family Northern England and Sister and I South-West England. Our extended family scattered in Zambia, Malawi and South Africa. We make do with having chat groups and visiting when we can.
  • Friends – as I grow older I learned there are three types of friend. The ones that only contact you when they need something. The ones that you can share anything and everything with and the ones who you’re friends by name only but busy bitch about you. And funny thing I have ‘friends’ in all of these categories but this year only focusing on true friends.
  • Education – some of you might not know but I am doing a postgrad course. I figured it was time I did my master’s program before settling down and having kids get in the way. Though the course has areas which I am struggling with, I have decided to embrace it all. Work hard and do my very best.
  • Celebrate me – this year I turn 30. A couple of years back this truly used to freak me out, now I can not wait to turn 30. I feel like I have been adulting for a while and feel like I am getting a hang of this. Growing old(er) shouldn’t be as scary as we think it is when we are in our 20s. I am treating myself to a vacation of a lifetime and I am so excited.

There are so many things I plan to embrace and celebrate this year, some big, some small. Regardless I am excited for 2017 and whatever it has in store. It’s easy to get carried away in the routine of life, be spontaneous and add some spice.