{Fashion Monday} Embrace the season 

Embrace the season was the heading for one of the emails I received. Now currently it’s winter and it can be real hard to try to embrace the season when you’re constantly freezing. I have spoken many times on the blog, I am not a fun of winter. Being a summer baby has that effect on me, I prefer to dress less than in layers. Prefer slippers, sandals to boots though I do love my recent additions of boots too much. It did take me a while to think of Fashionable ways I could embrace the season {winter} without complaining.

Ways to embrace the season this winter 

  • Drinking lots of hot chocolate
  • Sleeping with my electric blanket on
  • Snuggling up on the sofa watching movies
  • Exercising at home or at the gym
  • Dressing up in snuggling and warm boots
  • Layering* (though I am not a fun of layering I am embracing it)
Embrace the season

There are so many ways one can embrace the season this winter. As a self-proclaimed fashion blogger, it calls to my inner fashionista to create outfits that embrace winter. Obviously my New Beginnings outfit left something to be desired (open toes), this week I am thinking warmth. 

I finally decided what to use my £100’s worth of points at work, I got £25 new look card, M&S, Amazon and Argos. All cards that I need for something specific and for the New Look card, I purchased this Grey Belted Longline Coat. I have a blue one from Anastasia so made sense to add this to my collection, besides grey is awesome in winter. What I love about this coat is that it’s a perfect length, very warm and had deep pockets which is perfect in winter.

To embrace the season and keep the outfit simple was an easy feat for me, I am all about comfortable and simple outfits. Because I work 9-5, I am always in doors 90% of the time during the week and only get to dress chilled over the weekend. Though rare, when I am out and about or traveling over the weekend you will certainly find me in jeans. Jeans are so easy to wear, can be styled up or down and can be worn practically anywhere. That’s why I chose them and my new coat as the way I was going to embrace the season.

How are you going to embrace the season this winter?