Fashion gives you Wingz

Fashion gives you wingz to embrace who you are or want to become. Fashion does not define who you are but you can use fashion to define you. I know it doesn’t make sense but what I mean is just because someone wears some expensive items don’t mean they are rich. Just because someone dresses down doesn’t mean they are poor. A fellow blogger once said, “Fashion Fits All” and she was right. Not all of us would consider ourselves fashionable or fashionistas but we can most certainly try. Trying is exactly what I intend to do hence why I came up with Fashion gives you wingz.


Fashion Gives you Wingz

I must confess I didn’t think it was actually sleeves (wingz) that I would be trying out but a top. When they arrived a few days after I chose my pair I was totally surprised. When I received the wingz I struggled to see how I could style them making them fashionable. But then I thought, don’t think too hard about them instead go with my motto ~ simple does it. After that, it became fun trying to come up with simple yet different fashion outfit ideas.

Fashion gives you wingz

Recently I was in Birmingham attending a concert and I got a chance to test out one of my fashion ideas. The weather hasn’t exactly being welcoming so though I want to stay warm, I don’t want to be sweating indoors. So it made sense to wear a light sleeveless top add in the sleeve wings and pair with skinny jeans and trainers. The result was a simple yet cute and comfortable outfit which can be worn when one is out and about.

The second fashion outfit idea is pairing the sleeve wings with a collared sleeveless top. I then thought to pair this with beige jeans and books and finish off with a leather jacket. Regular readers know 90% of the item I keep accessories to a minimum and I did that with this outfit.

It has been a pleasure trying out the sleeve wingz because they can transform an outfit easily. Choosing the 3/4 length was the best choice for me and love how they fit me so snuggly. I have loads of friends who hate showing their arms and I think these sleeve wings would be a confidence boost to them. The sleeve wingz are not only accessory that everyone should have but must have item.

*Disclosure: I was gifted the sleeve wingz in exchange for a feature on the blog. There was no monetary exchange and all opinions and outfit ideas shared are my own.