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Home safety and security has been a big feature on this blog over the last few months. Over Christmas I reminded us all about Safety over the Christimas period like switching your lights when you leave home. In September I shared how Home Safety and Security was at a fore front of my mind even when I am away. Life is like that sometimes where all we can think about is the security of our homes. What about Business Security? Not all of us have to worry about Business Security because our employers do that. Or because some of us work from home so Business Security is same as Home Safety and Security. But what if you’re the employer or are designated safety person for your work or office?

When I started with the current company, I found myself the appointed Safety person. I work in Safety for pharmaceutical but honestly was clueless about office safety. I hadn’t done health and safety before and only ever worked for a big pharma who had a dedicated safety team. Moving to a smaller pharmaceutical company and having to do it myself along side my main job was a real opener. But I do remember one of the main things I did was get replacement keys for the office. We’ve had employees come and go with some forgetting to return the keys 🔑. It meant we needed to get replacement keys for Business Security since we hold sensitive documents.

There were many other items that I needed to consider for the security of the office. These included:

  • Ensuring the security lights were up to standard
  • Having H&S was conducted and people were trained
  • Having an emergency contact person who loved local
  • Ensuring the Business Park Security team had a spare key for our building

Working in an office has many perks but not always if you’re in charge of Health and Safety. It takes a lot to think about not only your safety but that of others too.

Have you ever been in charge of office or business security at your work?