Home Safety and Security

As a frequent traveler I have a huge case of #FOBA, Fear of being Away. I am constantly worrying about the safety and security of my home and contents. When you spend a lot of time and money building your home and its contents, you want it to be safe and secure. In this day and age, the many technological advances in security can help ease our minds whilst away. But also should the worst happen, there are security measures that we can implement like having home/content insurance.

I have mentioned many a time on here how much I love travel and 2016 has been my year of travel. For the last 9 months I have been abroad at least one weekend of every month. I enjoy traveling, I take great pleasure in traveling and I hope this feeling continues in the future. Whilst I travel so often, it does not mean that I not also thinking about the safety and security of my home.

Everytime I plan a weekend getaway or a longer trip abroad, there are certain precautions that I take into consideration. As a single woman living alone, I do not take any chances whether I am home or abroad. The majority I shared them in my Tips for conquering #FOBA, which include having a home security system. It is all well and good securing our homes from the inside, but it is just as important securing the outside too.

Panasonic has unveiled their innovative Outdoor Security Camera to help keep a watchful eye on your home whilst you’re away. Its compact, water-proof, in-built visuals, infrared sensors and has selectable area detection. This Panasonic Outdoor Camera is capable of sending alerts to your smartphone or tablet as soon as it spots trouble. There is nothing worse than coming home to find burglars had made themselves comfortable whilst you were away. But having an outdoor camera which sends alerts to you can at least put your mind at ease.

Some of the precautions I take including, leaving a lamp on in one room to make it seem like someone is home. Asking my neighbour to watch my home, even my family to check up on my home every couple of days. This one is pretty obvious but locking the doors and windows and drawing your curtains/blinds helps too.

What are some of your tips for ensuring your property’s safety and security? Do you have an outdoor camera.