Home Improvements 

home improvements

Home Improvements 

2017 is a year I have vowed to save up enough for a mortgage. I am at a point where I am tired of renting and feel I could be using that money to pay off my mortgage. Whilst this is a dream at the moment, I felt to make my current place more homely I start to consider home improvements. 

Speaking to my mum over the holidays, she was talking about maybe renovating her kitchen and we looked at Simply Plastics. Whilst I can’t do major works on my rented apartment or any DIY works it’s still nice to make smaller changes. The changes that I am thinking of are those that will and can help my place feel more homely.

Home Improvements ideas 💡 for renters 

When I moved into my apartment it was unfurnished. This was a slight shock to the system as I got used to moving into furnished buildings whilst at university. Another shock was having to pay council tax and all the house bills since you’re now playing adult. Though I wouldn’t change it for the world it does cost a nice penny having your own place. A place you can put your stamp on however limited (for renters). Apart from buying the furniture and all house furlongs I need the following helped me make my home more homely:

  • Curtains – depending on what you like it’s always nice to have cute curtains. Though mine are cute they are all thin and let’s a long of light in. Last year I was fortunate to work with curtains curtains curtains who provided with made-to-order curtains. These really helped in transforming my apartment into my home.
  • Add art and wall mirrors. The first piece I bought for my place was a small art piece. This piece is forever engraved in my head because of the quote it has on it.  I think every girl dreams of having a floor length mirror. I am one of them and when I collaborated with Asda George two years ago, first thing I ordered was a full length mirror. Though I always dress in the dark (don’t ask my why) it’s nice having the full length mirror to check my out but also to let more light in.
  • Undersink bathroom cabinets. I have found that I always need space in my bathroom to store my many beauty products. I have seen a lot of nice under sink storage solutions which help maximise the tiny spaces in bathrooms.
  • Plants. Now I have mentioned before, the drink hands that my mother has never transferred to me. I can’t keep a plant longer than a week before it dies. Luckily for me there are plants that don’t need daily inspections like orchids. I have two which I water weekly sometimes monthly but they are still alive (I think).
  • New beddings. You can never go wrong with new beddings to give a new a nicer look. I love picking my beddings from a few local stores. It’s just nice having new beddings as I love changing mine every two weeks.

These are some of the ideas I am playing with this New Year! Any plans to make some home improvements?