January 2017 Monthly Goals 

January 2017 Monthly Goals, I have complied a list of goals I want to accomplish this month. These goals are along side my 2017 yearly goals which I shared earlier today. I know many people are busy setting NEW-YEARs RESOLUTIONs, I am NOT one of them. Why? Because for me they never work, it’s hard enough remembering what I had for lunch. How am I expecting myself to remember what I supposedly should be doing during the year? Besides life is all kinds of unpredictable and fun but sometimes it can be unbearable hence my monthly goals. I truly believe setting monthly achievable goals is the best way forward.

January 2017 monthly goals

January 2017 Monthly Goals ~ Main

  • Buying a car 🚗
  • Getting Car Insurance
  • Declutter my home
  • Start saving for a mortgage

There are three areas of my life that I want to focus on and want to set achievable goals for. These are Spiritual, Personal and Blogging life, it’s so easy to get carried away with life. One day you wake up and you don’t know who you’re or how you got to that point in your life. I want to re-focus and re-calibrate my life and set it on the right pathway.

Spiritual Goals

Though not really known by many, I am a Christmas but my faith has been lacking. Not that I don’t believe because I do, 2016 I found the mid-end part of the year hard to attend church.

  • Attend church regularly, mid-week will be a challenge but Sundays I should make all the effort
  • Put the Lord left/right and centre as my driver on this earthly journey
  • Participate in the Church more, I sign in the choir.

Personal Goals

For the last couple of years I have been in a trans of sorts. Somehow I was in a relationship that I wasn’t sure of the future or if it was still ongoing. I wasn’t sure if I was in a relationship with myself or I had a partner.

  • Make an effort to start dating again, I don’t know where to begin but will make an effort.
  • Be more social, I am a house bunny and I love that but want to be more social.

Blogging Goals

In a few months I will be celebrating 4 years of blogging and I hope this year the blog reaches new heights.

  • re-Build a new mailing list, I have over 8000 email subscribers but not sure how many are real.
  • Update the work with me page and revise my collaboration fees
  • Set Social media stats goals for 2017. 2016 I spent focusing on quality content and not building a following. 

And there you have it, my January 2017 monthly goals; smart and achievable.

Happy New Year!!