Valentine’s Day ideas 

Valentine’s Day ideas, say what now? Christmas ain’t even cold in the ground and I am sprouting Valentine’s Day ideas!! But in blogger world everyone knows; there is no such thing as being too early to prepare. Have been blogging for almost 4 years and have seen Christmas ads in July. The only late being advertised celebration is Valentine’s Day since we need to wait until after New Year to advertise.

valentines day

I was sat at home minding own business when I read on social media about what people are expecting this Valentine’s Day. One girl said she was hoping for an engagement ring 💍{a girl to dream right}? I mean if that’s what both parties want then why not but if it’s just one side thinking about it, ah well. Last year I put together a Valentine’s Day Wishlist, then I had a reason to celebrate. This year though I won’t be celebrating I thought it would be fun to put some Valentine’s Day Ideas together.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

I love Valentine’s Day but I am also not one to go all out about it, because I feel love is everyday not just one day. It is always nice to see all the ads on TV most unnecessary and some unrealistic but it is still nice to see them. The sad part it too many are over commercialised and lose the true value of what most of us consider Valentine’s Day to be. The ideas I am sharing below are some that I have done/received before so I thought I give someone some ideas.

Dinner Date.

One of the most overused but fun idea during Valentine’s Day is to have a dinner date, now you can go out or cook at home. I feel cooking at home is much more romantic and most cost-effective but I can appreciate the need to go out. Not all mammas are able to have some free time to themselves so date night is the perfect excuse.

valentines dayvalentines dayvalentines day

Jewellery Gifts

Over 60% pf he time, the most received gifts during this ‘celebration’ is jewellery. As someone who’s a sucker for jewellery I can never complain but sometimes it can become to dull and meaning less. However you can take a different path and check out  Berganza antique jewellery, for a unique and gorgeous gift for your love. Not men like to wear jewellery so you could pick up some cufflinks or personalise a watch with a sweet message.


Flowers are not just for women and they do not have to be bouquets all the time. Men do like flowers too, some like plants so they can look after them others are ok with flowers that wont die easily. I love having flowers in my home though they tend to die after a week so I now get orchids.

Make time for each other 

This might be totally easy for me to say since I am newly single, but looking back I think making time for each other is very important. Whether you’re a SAHM or office worker, I think it’s important to allocate sometime to be with each other. Remind each other of the time before the kids, the time before the careers or the honeymoon phase. Whenever or wherever you can, make the time for each other and not just on Valentine’s Day but always.

And there you have it, my Valentine’s Day ideas. If you’re planning to celebrate with your love, I hope these ideas help and if not then have fun anyway.