{Travel Bucketlist} Visit 17 Places in 2017

Visit 17 places  in 2017 is a plan I am currently hatching. The plan in my head is that I should travel to 17 new places {to me} in 2017. It sounds easy if I am thinking about the UK/Ireland only but no, me I am thinking abroad too. I love crafting bucket lists and though I don’t share them often I love putting them together. You’ve seen 30B430 bucketlist split into: 15 Life Edit and 15 Travel Edit both which I am working through. I am meant to finish my 30B430 before July 7th, it’s gonna be a close call for sure.

visit 17 places in 2017

{Travel Bucketlist} Visit 17 places in 2017

There are many places that I want to visit, home and abroad but the following are at the top of my list. I hope these places are also on your travel bucketlists or plans for 2017.


Birmingham|Bath |Cornwall |Cork |Lake District |Stonehenge


Athens |Bali |Barcelona |Berlin |Bucharest |Budapest |Cyprus |Helsinki |Hawaii |Rome |Stockholm

Traveling is a luxury that I hope to continue having and embracing for as long as possible. I know not many people can travel as often as I do, it’s not always easy. But I say, if an opportunity presents itself take it and don’t look back. For me opportunities to travel have been made possible due to this blog, some press trips and others I pay myself. I am what they call a  weekender traveler, I travel more on weekends than normal vacations.

Working 9-5, Monday to Friday leaves only the weekends and vacation time for me to explore. A few years ago I considered this a handicap of sort because we don’t get enough vacation time. And not every vacation time taken is abroad or something we can afford. Because the times when we want to go is the time when everyone else is traveling. This makes traveling to destinations abroad {even home} more expensive and deterring people from traveling.

I decided to look at things differently, I chose to make my 9-5 situation work for me. Sometimes it’s easier to say I can’t do this because of this and that, but changing one’s attitude can help. Money will always be an issue for many of us but sometimes it’s about searching for the deals and using them. Though I like to travel abroad a lot, I realise the UK and Ireland have lots to offer. This year I will be exploring the UK more now that I have a car and seeing what’s what. 

Do you have any places you want to visit this year, home and abroad?