10 things to do before 10am 

10 things to do before 10am, a roundup post of things I like to do immediately after waking up. I am sure for those that love routine will have something similar to my routine. Obviously for those of us who are not exactly morning person’s we might have a completely different routine (if at all). I am someone who enjoys my sleep big time, being a self-declared insomniac I have suffered many restless nights. So you can see why I appreciate my sleep very much but that’s not to say I do not have a routine in place.


 10 things to do before 10am 

Please note that these 10 things to do before 10am are what I do during the week and not always on weekends. As I work 9-5 I like to keep my weekends as relaxed and stress free as I possible can. This includes having a lie in until 10am or even as late as 12.

1. Check my phone

I would be lying if I said oh I stretch first, drink some water and then meditate. There are some people who are disciplined like that but unfortunately I am not that. First thing I do is reached for my phone, sometimes my eyes are not even open but I had search for it. I can spend anything from 5 minutes to 15 minutes checking my phone. As a blogger I also use this time to reply to tweets or Instagram comments and browse Facebook.

2. Make my bed 

One thing I love doing is making my bed, for me it’s not a chore but a signal to my body. A signal that says we are up and ready to tackle the day come what may. Making the bed during the week and at weekends differ in my home. During the week it’s dust off the duvet and fluff the pillows then make the bed. At the weekends I like to change my beddings on a weekly basic (max 2 weeks) and give the bed a breather. There is just something about a beautifully made bed that makes me smile and don’t want to rush back into it. It’s weird but once I make my bed I don’t want to ruin it until bed time.

3. Run the shower

Every morning (excluding weekends) I have a shower immediately after waking up, brush my teeth and get dressed. Shower time is planning and meditation time, during the shower ideas come flooding my mind. When it gets to one I use that time to meditate and thing of only nice things and not what I need to be doing.  After showering, I get dressed which doesn’t take longer than 20 minutes and I am out the door.

10 things to do before 10am 

4. Light up my playlist 

Once I am ready to leave the house I fire up my playlist {currently loving Rag’n’bone} as I walk to the station. I am one of those people who will overplay an album that I like and won’t apologise for it. In the last few months I have overplayed The Weeknd‘s album especially his latest ‘Starboy‘ which is totally epic.

5. Review Social Media and Blog

I have roughly 10-15 between leaving my house, walking to station and catching the bus to the business park. It’s during this time and whilst on bus that I love to check up on my blog and social. It’s not much time but it’s time I use to accomplish something on my list. As a blogger I am more often than not clued to my phone but I work outside my blog too so whenever I have a few minutes I use it.

6. Eat Breakfast

I am not someone who normally has time to eat breakfast at home and not because I don’t actually have the time. Due to my insomnia my body is set to rising up around 5-6am so I have plenty of time. But that doesn’t usually happen so I make overnight oats. I then take them to work with me and have my breakfast in the office. So from waking up anything between 5-7 I don’t actually eat anything until 8.30-9.30 depending on the day.

10 things to do before 10am 

7. Make or Review my to-do list 

I am a to-do list kind of person and own way too many notebooks. For me I love to write down what I plan to do for the day and work from there. Obviously this doesn’t always work as there are times I write a list and tick nothing off. That’s ok because what I don’t accomplish today moves to tomorrow’s list.

8. Catch up with Colleagues 

Though we rarely do this, it’s part of a ritual where we discuss our concerns etc. Roughly takes 10 minutes as it’s the start of the day and we all busy enough. It’s nice when we can catch up before our day gets busy, it’s funny if we don’t have a chat before work its rare we will ever.

9. Start work

Though my job is a 9-5 I prefer to start earlier around 8/8.30 just so I can get a lot done. It’s surprising how having a few minutes in a day can through the entire schedule out the window. As mentioned above, I love my to-do lists and love sticking to them and ticking things off. Other days it’s not possible to tick items off and other times its quite easy.

10. Cross off a couple of items off the to-do list. 

It is always my aim to have at least crossed off a couple of items before 10am but it’s not always possible. I try to limit my to-do list to 1 A4 page and work off that, I feel good if I tick items off. Sometimes I even add items I have just done even though they were not on the list just so I can tick them off.

So there you have it, 10 things to do before 10am. Do you have 10 things that you do before 10am? Are you a morning person?