5 Stylish Loft Conversion Ideas for an Extra Bedroom


Having problems with the space inside your home? No matter how you clean and organize things, sometimes it’s the proper use of space that makes it difficult for you to envision a bigger home interior.

In the case of adding a new bedroom, you may choose to embark on a home extension project where you can install a new room. Unfortunately, some people cannot afford this kind of change.

If you’re one of these people, then a loft conversion may be a good option for you. This allows you to save on unnecessary construction costs and make efficient use of the available space in your house.

Some homes are built with a loft or attic, but its owners fail to use the room properly. At best, many of us resort to using the area as a perpetual storage location for things that we don’t need. Let us break this mindset today, and look into the loft as an extra bedroom.

Things to Consider Prior to Converting the Loft

Before you start buying design pieces and remodeling your attic into a bedroom, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Who is going to sleep in the room? Be sure that they want to sleep in the loft.
  • Consider installing an insulated roof membrane to keep the room warm and cozy especially during winter.
  • Is there proper lighting? If you have a fixed window, you may want to consider replacing it with a larger one that can let more light in. You may place curtains or blinds to control the amount coming in.
  • Do you need to sound proof the room to prevent noise from entering or escaping?

Design Ideas To Turn The Loft Into A Bedroom

While the loft can serve several purposes, let’s talk about how to use it as an extra bedroom. Here are some design tips on how you can remodel your loft into an extra room for sleeping:

1. Evoke nature

You may start by adding natural elements in the room such as bamboo floors and wooden accessories. Make sure to install a huge window for natural light to come in, and a touch of warm color to make the space cozy and comforting.

2. Go for classic white

The safest way to design a new bedroom is to keep colors away for a while. A stark white color makes the room visually bigger and more peaceful, which is perfect for a bedroom loft.

3. Style it like a cabin house

This kind of loft design is ideal for homes with limited space. You may not be able to fit a regular-sized bed frame inside, and so a small cot or a rolled-up mattress may be more ideal for this small space.

4. Design it for children

If you’re designing the bedroom loft for kids, make the room look like it was built for them. Being creative with how their bedroom would look will definitely make any child happy. Make sure that the kiddie bedroom loft has a section that will function as a play space or a mini-study area.

5. Make it simple or minimalist

Most lofts have low ceilings and small areas, and so putting too many furniture pieces and decorations may cram the room. For starters, why not get rid of the bed frame and just put your mattress and sheets on the floor?

The best way to design a bedroom loft is to make sure that the people who will use the room will feel like it’s their own. Feel free to personalize the bedroom loft to make it a relaxing haven for you and your family.