Brighten up your home this winter 

Brighten up your home this winter with changes that not only make your home more beautiful but improve your health. It’s no secret that in the UK we could do with more Vitamin D but it’s hard to achieve without the sun. Yes we can take supplements but that’s not nearly enough so why not try these home improvements ideas. Some of the ideas shared might cause a dent in your wallet but would be so worth it for your overall health. Though as a renter I am limited to changes that I can make, that has now stopped me from trying. So how can you brighten up your home this winter?

brighten up your home

How to Brighten up your home this winter #Renters

As mentioned already, I am a renter and that comes with limitations on what I can do to my apartment. But do not fret fellow renters I am sharing two ideas that can help you brighten your home this winter.

  • Add some colour

Bright colours have always been associated with summer and that makes most of us happy. Just by such simple acts we can make ourselves happier and healthier. You can add some colourful cushions either in your bedroom or living room. I love having colourful piece in my office space as well which always improves my mood when I am feeling stressed.

  • Bring your garden indoors 

Though I have no green fingers and always kill my plans, I always love the idea of bringing your garden inside. At the moment I have a couple of orchids which have not died but then again orchids are low maintainance.

How to Brighten up your home this winter #Homeowners

Homeowners have more options available to be able to do some home improvements. Though money might be an issue for some, I think an investment in your home can only be a good thing. Since we moved into our family home over 10 years ago, my parents have made some worth while improvements. Improvements that have helped increase the value of our home, the ideas below would help do just that.

A Roof Latern is a sure way of getting natural light into any space, improves your chances of getting a daily dose of vitamin D. Roof lanterns dramatically enhance the appearance of any room they are installed in and lights every corner of that room. Roof Lanterns make it easier to brighten up your home this winter both during the day and night-time. The glow of the moon would definitely enhance the features of any room.

  • Add a conservatory 

Weather a semi-detached or detached house, most of us have space for a conservatory which would add more space to your home. For most of us outside our bedrooms we don’t have ‘relaxing rooms’ and a conservatory can be exactly just that. If you’re looking to have more space in your home, you could add bifolding doors between livingroom and conservatory.