{Fashion Monday} 10 Spring outfits you should have 

There are 10 Spring outfits you should have in your closet no matter your budget. Fashion fits all, we all differ in our taste and that’s what makes us unique. You doing you and not copying people is the best way forward. But even then, it is nice to have certain pieces of clothing in your closet for Spring and I am sharing those today. Whilst my choices might not be everyone’s cup of tea I still enjoy sharing fashion outfit ideas.

10 Spring outfits you should have 

For me Spring signifies a new start, new life and new opportunities {not that each morning doesnt} and being floral. Putting outfit ideas together can sometimes be hard but this happens when I am over thinking everything. When I sat down to think of 10 Spring outfits you should have, I obviously consulted pinterest. There is always someone whose either done it the same way you did or similar to your thinking. I love that I can find like-minded people but I also love the variety you find on pinterest. With that in mind, here are my 10 Spring outfit ideas you should have in your closet.

Spring outfits

Boyfriend Jeans + white top + loose cardigan\\ White skirt + floral top \\ Mix/Max colours + off-shoulder top \\ Lace skort + white top \\ Denim shorts + stripped top

Spring outfits you should have

Skinny Jeans + Striped long sleeve shirt \\ Striped mini dress + black leather jacket \\ Black max dress + denim jacket \\ Ripped skinny jeans + loose top + heels \\ Floral skirt + plain top

Spring for most of us calls for flats and open-toed wedges than heels and boots. Whilst this might be the most comfortable of options there are times when we just want to make an outfit pop. Mostly it does not take much, add some heels to a skinny jeans outfit and you’re go to go. Or you could add some canvas to your boyfriend jeans outfit and a large cardigan. As I always mention, fashion is not restrictive and it fits all so give it a try to see what works for you.