5 Daily Morning Rituals to make you a morning person

Everyone should have daily morning rituals regardless of whether you’re a morning person or not. Having a daily morning ritual or routine will improve your daily function 10-fold. For those working 9-5 its paramount to have daily morning rituals, as is for parents too. Though I suspect for parents it’s definitely 10 times much more difficult to have a set daily ritual. Your bundles of joy I am sure will have a say in that so for parents I say go with the flow.

A ritual is a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order

A routine is a sequence of actions regularly followed

When I shared 10 things to do before 10am I realised I actually do have a morning routine. Now whilst this might get altered every now and again a routine is still a routine and works best when implemented. Though I won’t claim these 5 daily morning rituals have been life changing, I am happy to say they have helped. Making small changes in our lives can bring about great outcomes hence why I have mine.

daily morning rituals

5 Daily Morning Ritual you should practice

  • Wake up and immediately make your bed 

For me once I am {finally} out of bed and I make my bed, it’s a done deal until bed time. I do not know when this change occurred because I could sleep for days and not have a care in the world. Sleeping is one of the many actions that I enjoy doing but when you’re playing adult, it has to end sometime. I would encourage everyone to follow this ritual every morning, once you’re out quickly make the bed and start your day.

  • Drink a glass of water with lemon 

I have mentioned many a time that me and water don’t mix but I believe in staying hydrated for the good of my body. So every morning {when I remember} I drink a glass of water with lemon and sometimes honey too. The water in the South of England is rather hard, it makes it less enjoyable to drink. But if you add some fruits and make your very own infused water, it makes a whole world of difference.

  • Shower and Brush your teeth 

If there is ever a month signal that says, like it or not your are now awake is a good shower. Though I don’t have much of a choice I do enjoy a good shower every morning. I love using rejuvenating and revitalising shower gels just to wake me up. It is also during my shower that I like to plan my day or even meditate a little.

  • Get dressed and plan your day 

If you’re anything like me and enjoys planning your outfits the night before then this is an easy step. I might not pick the items outright but I plan in my head what I want to wear. And sometimes I will get them out in advance to save time in the morning. Whilst getting dressed, I also love planning my day and what I want to accomplish. This doesn’t always work because life always throws spanners in the works but that’s ok.  Planning your day gives your structure and order during times of chaos.

  • Meditate for 10 minutes and start your day 

Now meditation can come in many forms, many prefer to sit down and meditate in a quite place. This is not always possible when you have to rush out the door every morning. For me meditation can happen anywhere, it can happen during my morning walk to work or even on the bus. I try not to make excuses of places where I can meditate because then I really won’t have the time. Use the time you have to meditate, it could be swapping 10 minutes of checking your phone for meditation.

Whilst I would love my ideal morning ritual to resemble the 10 minute morning rituals, it’s just not me. We all lead different lives so our morning rituals would be different but there are some things which are similar.