{Fashion Monday} Styling a frill trim long sleeved shirt 

long sleeve shirt

Last week whilst I was enjoying some retail therapy when I stumbled upon a lovely long sleeved frill trim shirt in yellow. Not sure why but somehow I fell in love with the shirt and thought it would be perfect for work. I have preached many times about how I am loving adding colour to my wardrobe. This yellow grill trim shirt is the second shirt in its colour on my wardrobe (the third is being donated). And whilst I had no clue how I was gonna style the shirt I knew I would love it either way.

Spring has sprung but there are days when it feels like winter is still lurking but it’s to be expected with British weather. So I figured wearing long sleeved shirts is still in fashion and one can do damage with them. The menopausal British weather is one to watch with a pinch of salt regardless of what the Met office says. One minute you could be enjoying the sunshine and next you’re running for cover or even need to cover up. Hence why this yellow frill trim long sleeved shirt from New Look is exactly what is required.

What I love about the shirt is it’s light in texture and very fitting depending on your size. I choose 14 due to my bust area and love how it doesn’t tug in my armpits nor crease on the front. The product description from New look is;

  • Rounded neckline
  • Frill trim
  • Simple long sleeves
  • Button back fastening
  • Crepe texture
  • Casual fit that is true to size

Styling a yellow frill trim long sleeved shirt 

For me styling this shirt was a no brainer and decided it would look real good on something black. When most of us dare to try colours, we don’t go all out instead we calm it down and black does that. Yes this shirt pops on its own but the black helps it to be more digestible for many to dare. I thought of two outfits I could try with this top and already tested one out. And that is pairing with a skirt for a date or pairing with black denim for work or running errands. However you choose to style this frill trimmed shirt, remember that your entire outfits focal point is the shirt itself. Not wanting to take too much attention away from the shirt, with the skirt I paired with half boots. And for the denim jeans I paired with ankle boots because it’s spring with a chance of rain in my neck of the woods.

How would you style a yellow frill trim long sleeved shirt? Is yellow a staple in your closet?