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ooh accessories


ooh accessories


Ooh Accessories are a company that believes Fashion should be accessible to all. At A July Dreamer we too believe that Fashion Fits All and share many Fashion ideas every Monday. I am someone whose totally obsessed with accessories and every year my mother gives away plenty to the extended family.  For me the concept of too many handbags and shoes doesn’t exist hence why I declutter so often. I like the idea of removing what I don’t use and giving away then replacing with something I will use.

Ooh accessories caught my heart with this bag because it packs a lot. It’s stylish, great but simple design and is just what I need for work. Though not sure how it happened I seem to need more and more of my items at work. But I don’t want to leave them in the office so I walk around with them.

This bag has one main pocket hold, two-small pockets to the wall and one zipper pocket on the opposite. It has an outer zipper pocket which is very handy for keeping keys and smaller items. The straps on the bag are strong and long enough to go over my shoulder without chipping my armpits. There is an extra outer strap for when you want to carry it as a crossover bag. The bag also has a zipper to close and secure your items, it’s definitely a must have bag. 

This bag can be paired with multiple outfits weather for a day out or travels. I am someone who loves roomy bags for the many impromptu shopping trips. Not sure about you but I love impromptu shopping trips and having a cute bag is a must. If you’re looking for an elegantly simple but stylish bag then ooh accessories is where you should be. The handbags are all affordable and are made from quality materials.  Check out the website for more handbag ideas, you won’t be disappointed. 

Disclosure: I was gifted the handbag in exchange for an honest review.