The cheapest European cities to travel to

Over the last two years I have made it my business to check my favourite booking site Skyscanner daily. Yes I said daily because well I love nothing more than a good bargain to scratch my itch. Not sure how or who introduced me to this awesome website but I thank you anyway.

Travel is never a shortage of money but of courage, love this quote but sometimes it sounds like bull crap. Money is always be an issue for some people so much that most are in debt due to many reasons. But if travel is your goal and can manage your money then lendgreen loans is an option. Or if loans are not your thing you can save up or raid your inheritance.

Now that we have the money talk out-of-the-way, let’s focus on what you really came here for. Before I share the cheapest European cities to fly to, I should mention that all these cities I have visited myself. My definition of cheap and yours might be a tad bit different, I am sure you will agree on these destinations.

cheapest european cities

The cheapest European cities to fly to

These are the cheapest European cities to travel to {from London} or well when I traveled. I am someone who loves to travel ‘off-season’ because that is the best way to find the cheapest flights ever. Off-season is either outside school holidays or wrong weather.

 {1} Warsaw, Poland {Traveled early March – paid £15 return}

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland and one of the cheapest cities I have ever visited. Traveling early march the weather was not friendly hence why it was cheaper than usual. What I loved about Warsaw was the city’s history, from being totally crashed to rebuilding itself to glory. Warsaw is definitely worth a visit, people are nice, food, alcohol and accommodation is cheap.


{2} Brno, Czech Republic {Traveled early February – paid £15 return}

Yes I know, you’ve never heard of the city before but I am here to educate you. It’s the second largest city in Czech Republic but I am sure you’re more familiar with Prague. I hadn’t heard of Brno prior to my booking of the trip and was pleasantly surprised it was in Czech Republic. Touristy areas are enough but not that many and I managed to tour the entire city in one afternoon.

{3} Oslo, Norway {Traveled mid April – paid £15 return}

I said cheapest European destinations to fly to not the cheapest countries to visit or spend your pennies. Everyone knows the Scandinavian countries are one of the most expensive in Europe and are worth it. I have been to three of the four and can confirm, yes they are all expensive but Oslo more so than the rest.

Oslo, Norway

{4} Berlin, Germany {Traveled mid April – paid £15 return}

Berlin, a city with so much history some that leaves a bitter taste in one’s mouth. Because of that it is worth the visit and exploration because it has so much to offer and more. I stayed in a hostel which was more expensive than the flight by only £5.

{5} Ljubljana, Slovenia {Traveled mid December – paid £20 return}

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and the first European city I visited solo as part of my #take12trips travel challenge. It is certainly one of the cheapest European cities I have ever visited, the entire trip cost me only £75. That was flight, accommodation, food and city tour and it was the best time I have ever had.


{6} Prague, Czech Republic {Traveled late January – paid £40 return}

Traveling to Prague was one of the best decisions I have ever made, it was the first trip of 2016 and paved the way. January was cold and snowed most of the time making Prague look even more magical than the pictures.

{7} Budapest, Hungary {Traveled end February – paid £46 return}

Part of my 30 before Thirty bucketlist was to visit Budapest and I am glad I finally did. The city is so cheap we decided to upgrade ourselves and spurge a little.

{8} Paris, France {Eurostar – £58 return}

Paris obviously had to make this list because whilst it’s not the cheapest, Eurostar does offer some great deals. It pays to always be on the look out for the deals and I can tell you I always am on the look out.

Disclaimer: The information presented is accurate at the time of publication but subject to change.