• Prague Ultimate Travel Guide: What to see and where to stay in Prague

    Are you planning a trip to Prague, the Prague Ultimate Travel Guide covers what to see and where to stay in the city.

    Prague never lets you go… this little mother has sharp claws – Frank Kafka

    The first time I visited Prague was 2016 as part of my #Take12Trips travel challenge and I shared Five Must See Places. It was such an incredible experience even with the atrocious weather that I found it in. But to be honest I felt the snow definitely gave the city of Prague another layer of awesomeness. For my second visit to the city I opted to visit again in winter but before the snow or harsher weather. This Prague Ultimate Travel Guide is based solely on my experience of Prague, things I did and where I stayed.

    Prague ultimate travel guide

    Prague Ultimate Travel Guide: 10 Must see places 

    Prague is a city bursting with so much life, at your every turn there is something historically significant. Having visited Prague before I already knew of its true beauty but it still managed to impress me even more. There is so much to see and do in the city, whether it is a tour or living like a local.

    In the Prague Ultimate Travel Guide I am sharing the must see places and a few places you should consider. Especially if you have visited the city before but want to revisit for another dose of this incredible city.

    Tip: If you are limited on time but want to get a lot out of the city, use Good Prague Tours for a free walking tour. They offer other tours too and I would recommend Prague Castle tour {takes 3 hours} and Kutna Hora tour {takes 5.5 hours}.

    Prague ultimate travel guide - wenceslas

    {1} Wenceslas Square

    One of the busiest squares in Prague and can accommodate more than 400, 000 people and is a central point to many historical places. The boulevard is 60 metres wide and 750 metres long and is over 600 years old. The Square is lined with amazing restaurants, cinemas and night clubs which becomes vibrant and fun after dark. But don’t let this fool you as it is equally vibrant and busy during the day except for the night clubs. The long boulevard is not the only attraction but the status of St. Wenceslas mounted on his horse is the highlight.

    Note: January 2018, part of the Square is under construction until further notice.

    {2} Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock

    Founded in the 14th century as a market place, the old town square is a very popular place for tourists and locals. Not only because of the astronomical clock but also because of the Jan Hus monument, a symbolic statue for Czech people. What captures one’s eye is the many gothic and Romanesque style buildings lining the Square.

    Another attractive feature is the Church of our Lady before Tyn as well as the cafes in the vicinity. The astronomical clock in Prague is one of the oldest clocks ever built and it is quite hard to read for first timers. It is housed in a tower built in 1338 but the clock wasn’t added until 1410, the clock was later rebuilt in 1490.

    Note: January 2018, astronomical clock is under construction until further notice.

    {3} Church of our Lady before Tyn and Saint Nicholas Church {Old Town Square}

    This church has an amazing mixture of Gothic, renaissance and baroque styling and truly dominates part of the old town square. It was built between the 14th and 16th century but during the 17th century it was renovated to Gothic style. One thing I found truly fascinating  about saint Nicholas Church is the 2,500 pipe organ. It is housed and the church is still in use today. The intrinsic detail of the walls and ceiling of the church is truly breathtaking, you need a moment to appreciate it.

    {4} Old Jewish Quarter

    One of the most humbly places you will visit in Prague. Learning about the atrocities that happened to the Jewish people breaks your heart but we visit so we never forget. The remnants of the old synagogue can be seen as well as the cemetery and burial grounds in this small area of Prague. The area is called josefov after the emperor who bettered Jewish people’s living condition and it sits between the old town square and river Vltava.

    Tip: if you ever visit ask about the legend of The Golem.

    Prague Ultimate travel guide - charles bridge

    {5} Charles Bridge

    A 14th century bridge which crosses River Vltava is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. It is popular to locals as well especially during summer and often is overcrowded. The best time to see the truly glory of the bridge and it’s 30 statues is around 5am when it is less crowded. Because of its popularity you will find many souvenir stands and even musicians playing to the strolling crowd.

    {6} Prague Castle

    It is believed to be the largest castle complex in the world and at times feels like its own little city inside a city. It is 570-m long and 128-m wide, with parts of the castle built in different styles offering many sites and attractions. Kings, emperors and even presidents have resided here during their reign or as they took to office.

    {7} Saint Vitnus Cathedral

    Largest church in Prague and located in the Prague Castle District on the site of the 10th century Romanesque rotunda. It contains various frescoes and tombstones but the highlight is the coloured stained glasses. Inside the church you will find crypt where many noble people of Czech has been buried. Aside from the religious functions, the church has been used as the coronation of leaders of Czech Republic.  The interior of saint Vitnus cathedral is a must see if you make a trip to Prague Castle District.

    {8} Archbishop’s Palace

    Since 1562, the palace has been used as the seat of the archbishop of Prague and nowadays is the seat of the Catholic Church. Originally the archbishop palace was located in the lesser town but it was burnt down during Hussite revolution. The modern style of the palace is now Rococo, previously it was renaissance then baroque styles.

    {9} Trade Fair Palace

    Since 1976 the Trade Fair Palace has been used as the National Gallery and contains art from 19th – 21st centuries. It houses many art pieces from prominent artists around the world and not just Czech artists. Before the palace became a national gallery, it suffered a fire in 1974 which took 6 days to put out. The ground floor of the trade fair is free to the public and houses contemporary art projects.

    {10} Schwarzenberg Palace

    The Palace stands on a site of three old buildings that were burnt during the great fire of 1541. A Bohemian noble named Jan Popel bought the ruins and had Italian architect Agostino Galli build the current palace. During my first Prague visit I completely missed this building which now belongs to the National Gallery in Prague. It is built in a Czech Renaissance style in black and white graffito patterns giving off a pyramid illusion.

    Prague Ultimate Travel Guide: Where to stay in Prague – Czech Inn

    When I was searching for somewhere to stay, Czech Inn was recommended to me and I am recommending it. Prague has some incredible hostels all around the city that offer hotel level accommodations.

    When it comes to choosing a hostel, its important to know where it’s located within the city. Also know if public transport is easily accessible from the hostel or if it is a walkable area. One thing I always check if what the hostel provides already and what I need to pay for. If its affordable then I will pay otherwise I ensure I pack what I would need.



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      I had Prague on my list when I went to Spain but didn’t end up going. I still want to go so bad!

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      These are some really beautiful looking places. I would love to visit Prague one day. It’s on my bucket list for sure now!

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      I love your take 12 trips idea. Prague is so beautiful. I’ve never been! Thanks for taking us with you!

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      You’ve talked about Prague a lot! Clearly its a favorite of yours. That Prague castle is epic. I would love to see it in person.

    10. January 22, 2018 / 1:57 am

      The buildings and the history here is amazing! I would love to visit Prague. It really looks like there is no shortage of things to see and do.

    11. Jeanette
      January 22, 2018 / 1:17 am

      This looks like a dream vacation for sure. Especially the castle tour. I don’t know if three hours would be long enough for me. I would want to see EVERYTHING!

    12. Bill Sweeney
      January 21, 2018 / 5:37 pm

      Prague is such a beautiful, rustic, yet modernized city. That’s about the only way I can describe it. I would love to see Saint Vitnus Cathedral, as well as the Palace of the Archbishop . Lots of places and things to see in Prague. Great travel guide.

    13. Candy Kage
      January 21, 2018 / 2:10 pm

      For those thinking about planning a trip to Prague this is big help. Not on my list right now but it is a beautiful city.

    14. January 21, 2018 / 6:39 am

      You’re most welcome

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      Glad to hear that and hope you visit it soon

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      Ooh this is so helpful! We are planning a friends hen weekend to Prague and none of us had any clue where to go! It looks amazing!

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        Oh wow, I bet it will be epic. The beer is definitely cheap not so much the wine lol

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      Prague is on my wishlist too. Thank you for sharing this guide. Your photos are gorgeous.

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        Thanks Claire

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      I’ve had Prague on my travel wishlist for a while, I’ve heard so many good things! The cathedral looks spectacular, although I’m not sure I’d manage 5am to see the bridge all quiet 🙂

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      Thanks for sharing

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      I would really love to visit Prague – all the old buildings looks so beautiful. Su

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      Prague is so beautiful – we loved visiting the castle, such stunning views across the city x

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        I know right, its such a beautiful city

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      Cool! There are so many historical spots. Some of them looked very informative too!

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        Absolutely, Prague is a walking talking historical city

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      I wish we would have been able to visit when we lived in Europe. But at that time it was still part of the Eastern Bloc!

      • January 21, 2018 / 6:37 am

        Ah right, well maybe in the future you might have an opportunity definitely take it

    26. Dee Jaye
      January 11, 2018 / 1:06 pm

      I’d love to visit Prague one day. I’ll definitely wanna check out the Czech Inn

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        You must, both are incredible places

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      Great tips and guide. And your photos are amazing!

      • January 21, 2018 / 6:36 am

        Thanks Cris

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      Prague always sounds like such an amazing place to visit and your post just makes me believe this more. What an city full of beautiful buildings and amazing things to do.

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        It truly is an amazing city Sarah, there is always something to discover

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      Awesome photos! One of the women I look up to originated from Prague so it’s something that’s on my bucket list. Your post got me even more excited!

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        Thanks Katrina, I hope you make it there one day

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