How to get rid of scars

Scars are normally as a result of damaged or injury to the skin beyond the first layer. When skin gets damaged the protective mechanism within the body airs to repair the damage. How the skin repairs itself depends on the injury or damage the skin has endured. There are many articles on the web that give excellent tips on how to get rid of scars. Personally I feel if the scar doesn’t interfere with your daily life or confidence then let it be. But that’s not always the case for other people, for some visiting a plastic surgery clinic can be the answer.

When I was young I had this thought that every person had to have a scar since I had one on my knee. To be honest I never thought about it and always considered it to be part of me. Soon I realize that not everyone has a scar on their knees something happened to me. It’s a long and personal story so I wont bore you with the details of how I got it. But I am told I have had it since I was 3-months old, I am pained for my baby self.


Being Insecure

Having the scar on my knee had never bothered me until someone pointed it out to me. I became self-conscious and somehow found myself Being Insecure. Don’t get me wrong I have not taken any drastic decisions to have the scar removed. But there are days where I think I wonder how I would look without a scar on my knee. Sure it’s not easily visible unless you’re looking for it but someone noticed it and that changed me.

Lately I have been thinking, we come a long way in the medical community with so many technological advances. I am sure there is a surgery free treatment for scars out there I just need to find it. After reading up on the subject I thought I share how to get rid of scars treatment options.

How to get rid of scars

Scars come in different sizes and types, those who’ve had severe acne sometimes this leaves scars. A burn scar is contracture, these are tight scars which can be nerve deep. Other types can be hypertrophic or Keloid kind of scars which are as a result of aggressive healing. To get rid of scars you could use;

  • Natural remedies; use lemon to remove dead skin. Aloe Vera is also good for removing dead skin and reducing skin irritations.
  • Consider surgery; grafts, excision or laser surgery
  • Use OTC medications like ointments and gels
  • Use steroid {or even collage} injections; especially popular with Keloid and Hypertrophic scars.

Some of the research {googling} I did even suggest coconut Shea butter can help too with scars. I am all open to trying these different tips on how to get rid of scars but I am not naive either. Some of them might work and some might not, I need to understand the type of scar I have first. After that I can then review what would work for me or not.