{Featured Brand} Lucy Alice ~ Dressing Ladies Smartly

Lucy Alice is a women’s online store selling the best ladies suits to fit every woman regardless of your shape. The suits are sourced from the very best British companies and delivered right to your door. Lucy Alice has been operating since 2000 and is one of the first online women suit sellers in the UK. The company is run by a small team, who are dedicated to providing the very best service to all the customers.


{Featured Brand} Lucy Alice


Lucy Alice ~ Dressing Ladies Smartly

Working in the corporate sector calls for dressing smartly 80% of the time. I say 80% because my company is slightly relaxed on attire. In my previous company it was a requirement to be suited and booted, in some respect I liked that. It’s weird to think when I am restricted to what I can wear for work I love it but not outside work. I should also stipulate that dressing smartly is not all about wearing suits. There are so many lovely tailored dresses that can be paired with either heels or flats and looks gorgeous. I am someone who prepares a tailored dress paired with some wedges heels and a jacket. Wearing such outfits I prefer to keep the accessories minimum so as not to overdo the outfit.

When checking out the website I found it easy to navigate and user-friendly. There are many options to choose from, as mentioned above you’re not restricted to suits alone. The online store stocks anything from skirts to dresses which are my utmost favourite. I don’t know why but tailored dresses somehow does something to me, like seeing a man in a suit.

For me a tailored dress is so easy to accessories, doesn’t need much either jewelry or good heels is enough. Whilst I don’t normally wear suits to work as I said I do love my tailored dresses. Tailored dresses allows you to stay looking smart without trying.