Ten Things New Drivers Should Know

Passing my driving test last year was one of the best feelings in the world for me. I had been trying to learn to drive for the past 7-8 years and I kept putting it off due to this and that. 2017 I made a promise to myself that it would be the year I learnt to drive and passed both tests. I first passed the theory test then practice hard for 3-5 months before doing my practical test. It was like fate that 4 days before 2017 ended I took my test on the worst day possible (weather wise) and nailed it.

The feeling of passing the test I guest can only be surpassed by the feeling of driving your own car for the first time. Due to issues beyond my control I couldn’t get my car in January like I wanted but I do have it now. This Saturday I will be hitting the road and I thought I share ten things new drivers should know.

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Ten Things New Drivers Should Know

Whilst passing the test I fooled my examiner into thinking I am safe to drive on the open road I still got lots to learn. There are so many things I do not know about my car that I need to take time and look into. And majority of those things I am including in the Ten Things New Drivers should know!!

{1} New Driver Pass Plus 

This is something my instructor recommended to me early on. If you were to look at the stats on young drivers who died in-car accidents its staggering. I feel that just because I passed my test doesn’t mean I am still not a learner. For me I feel at least for the first full year of my driving I am still a learn driver. Driving alone is very different from driving with my instructor who has extra pedals should I make a mistake. Taking Pass Plus course is the best choice to get more confident on the road especially motorways.

{2} Buy a Used Car

When I was thinking about buying a car I thought I should buy a new one. Until someone clued me on the stats of new drivers getting into accidents then the cost of repairs. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying you’re guaranteed to be in an accident as a new driver. But I feel a used car can continue to be used as your learner car until you’re more comfortable driving around. And also gives you a chance to save up some pennies to buy yourself a new car. Besides insurance and all other car costs can be a bitch.

{3} New Driver Plates

Display them with pride and take your time learning to drive your car around in your area. It is also a good thing to display so people behind you know not to rush you, no one wants an accident to happen. Display those plates and be comfortable as you drive but ensure to follow the speed limit and not cause congestion.

{4} Get to know your car

I got myself a lovely 2016 Ford Fiesta, which is the same type of car I practiced in and passed in. You could say it’s my comfort car and I am absolutely loving it. But another reason I got it is because I am familiar with it and know most of the things about it. Yes you’ve passed your test but do you know what to do if the engine light comes on? Or how to turn your fog lights on? Where are your hazard lights? Can you change from full beam to normal? It’s important to know your car and where everything is.

{5} Get insured and pay your car tax

If there is one thing I have found to be super expensive outside my car payments is the insurance. Whilst for the first week I am covered by the finance company after that I will need to find my own. There are so many insurance companies these days it’s hard to know which to choose. But among the many options is Cooperative car insurance which my family uses and  Forum Insurance which I am researching.

{6} Know what to do ~ Police and Ambulance

There are so many times have seen drivers unsure of what to do when police flash them or ambulance has to pass. This is not something taught consistently throughout your lessons as a new driver. You need to know when you see police flashing you, pull over when it’s safe to do so. When an ambulance is flashing behind you again find a safe spot to move out-of-the-way.

{7} Remember your lessons

Just because you’ve passed doesn’t mean you should utilize all the tips and tricks your instructor shared. Remember to always check your blind spot and never drive in someone’s blind spot. You also need to remember to always signal and cancel your signals when you’ve completed your maneuver.

{8} Drive safely

Us millennial have so much technology at our finger tips that many of us use it way too often. When it comes to driving its better to be safe than sorry and everyone needs to put the devices down.To many young people have died because they were using their devices behind the wheel of a car. Stay safe {young} new drivers.

{9} How to change a flat tire

I won’t claim to know how to change a flat tire but I do know what to do if you get a flat tire. Pull off the road to a safe place and call road assist to come and help. If you do know how to change a tire then pull off the road safely and change the tire.

{10} Learn how to fuel your car

This is something I feel screams I am now a responsible adult buying gas for my car and paying for it. Having been to so many petrol stations in the last 14 years it’s crazy and I am a sucker for the rules. I am that person that will tell you to switch off your phone or remind you never to smoke at the station. I am actually quite glad to be sharing with you the evolution of petrol stations. As soon as I started learning to drive I knew I needed to know where my nearest petrol stations are. This is something my father taught me to always plan your routes with petrol and rest stations in mind.


The price of petrol might be a sore point around the family dinner table but it’s just one of those things we couldn’t get by without. For one (and of course, most importantly) we wouldn’t be able to get from A to B but the evolution of petrol stations over the ages has made them much more than just a place to fill up. From pit stops at an attended pump to topping up the weekly shop at a flashy forecourt. Petrol stations have been given quite the makeover since the very first way back in 1888. These days many petrol stations are complete with convenience store and cash withdrawal.

There are so many things that new drivers need to know about before hitting the road. The few I have mentioned above are just half of what I have been reminding myself of. What other things to you think new drivers should know before heading out on the road?