{5} Five Reasons why Bucharest should be your next getaway 

Like many Eastern European cities, Bucharest is an unsung city that has plenty to offer. Whether you spend a weekend (like I did) or a week, you will enjoy your visit. If the top 10 places to visit in Bucharest was not convincing enough here are five reasons why Bucharest should be your next getaway.

Why Bucharest should be your next getaway

It’s Cheap, like many Eastern European cities Bucharest is cheap like really cheap. I was able to purchase so many items that I wouldn’t otherwise have bothered with in oxford. The food is just as cheap too which was a highlight for me because I love to eat.

Amazing weather, whilst it rained for an hour during my visit it was still amazingly warm. Summer is around the corner but the temperatures are already high enough for sunbathers to be out.

It’s really Beautiful, honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to this city. I am glad to have been pleasantly surprised and totally impressed by the city, the culture and the people. It did take a moment for the older generation to stop staring at this black young man strolling alone.

History on communism in Bucharest this is not something hidden but well covered. There are many communist buildings around and tours offering you the chance to learn about communism. This does not define the city today but gives you a perspective on what it was like back then. Romania like many Eastern European cities and countries was wealthy long before communism arrived.

It’s a green city, I say green as it has so many beautiful parks (gardens) throughout the city. I was happy to spend an afternoon in one and can not recommend it enough. Gardens/Parks are another area where Bucharest has truly invested in. They are family friendly with so much available for everyone.

There are many many reasons why Bucharest should be your next getaway but these 5 are some of my favourite.

Next I will share about Transylvania in the next couple of days. Have you ever been to Bucharest?