Top Five Things to See in Barcelona

Hello all! I’m Sally and I blog over at Life Loving which is my way to inspire others to get out and about and enjoy life more. I live by the motto ‘ketchup tomorrow, relish today’. Miranda has kindly let me put together a guest post about one of my favourite cities, Barcelona, which I know is on her bucket list for 2017. So here’s my top five things to see when visiting this beautiful beach city.

Barcelona - Sagrada

Sagrada Familia

This is one of the highlights of Barcelona. It’s beautiful inside and out. The carvings on the exterior are mind-blowingly good, and then when you get inside the stained glass windows are one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see. If you go on a sunny day, you get the full effect of the colours used in the glass. I would recommend booking ahead as it gets really busy. We booked in advance and went straight in.

Barcelona - Tibidabo

Mount Tibidabo

It probably feels quite odd to have a mountain in the middle of the city. But hey it’s Barcelona, anything goes. Mount Tibidabo houses an eclectic mix of attractions at the top. There’s the church named The Temple of Tibidabo which is really pretty, plus there’s also a vintage theme park. We went when it was relatively quiet and the music is a bit eerie, which totally adds to the atmosphere. Would I go there alone at night? Certainly not, but it’s definitely worth a ride on the funicular to see what’s up there.


Barcelona has a mountain, and it also has a coastline. It really is the city with everything. You should include a trip to the beach whilst you are there, but bear in mind in high season, the beaches nearest to the city are crowded and not-exactly golden sands! But in less than 30 minutes on a train from the city centre, you can find yourself on oodles of golden, uncrowded sand. Montgat beach is highly recommended, but do some research as there are a number of great beaches within an hour’s train ride of the city.


The Magic Fountain

This was one of my personal highlights. Maybe because I grew up with a Nan that made me watch videos of water dancing to music, but I honestly loved the Magic Fountain. Framed by backdrop of the National Palace, the Magic Fountain is best viewed at night. There are regular fountain shows where the water is animated alongside light and music. Be warned, if you get too close, you will get a gentle sprinkling.


Las Ramblas

You can’t go to Barcelona without visiting this famous tree-lined street. There’s a plethora of stalls, offering all kinds of gifts to those looking for a unique memory from Barcelona. Las Ramblas is also known for its ingenious human statues. You give them a little tip and they’ll pose next to you for that perfect summer selfie.

I would highly recommend Barcelona for a city break. It became one of my favourite places within hours of arriving, and not just because there are more Desigual shops (my favourite brand) than I can throw a stick at, it offers a lot to see and do. Want to find out more about me and my blog? You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter or peruse my adventures through my photos on Instagram.