{Fashion Monday} British Summers and Playsuits

Summer holidays are well and truly underway, the kids have started their six weeks of holidays. Sorry to the parents who have to now think of things to do to entertain, y’all rock and good luck with that. Whilst the British summer is not like everywhere else there are times we are blessed with the sun. But even when we are not we are an optimistic bunch who also love to complain about the sh*tty weather.

British Summers and Playsuits

Recently I was in Somerset with family and friends for a mini beach getaway. This mini getaway was a little questionable as the weather never improved to show us summer. But what is one to do when you relying on the sun and only have playsuits to work with?

Well what I did was continued as planned wearing my playsuit for a beach walk and just added a cardigan. It’s not something you want to do during summer but this is England we do it all the time. What I love about playsuits is how cute they look and how easy they are to wear. But I also have a hate relationship with them, you have to be butt make during the toilet run. No matter how cute you look in a playsuit, during that toilet visit you will be stack naked in public.

Playsuits are easiest outfits that you can transition from day to-night with little to no effort. They are great pieces to beat the summer heat with, well when we do actually get the sun. Plus they are also the easier pieces to put together. I always say find one that suits your body type and frame and work with that.

Because British summer is questionable 90% of the time, I chose to carry a cardigan to cover up. At the beach on a cool day the breeze is not really your friend and it was drizzling a little. I was still able to appreciate what summer and the little village of Porlock had to offer on such a dreary day.